The Walking Dead Comic Series 2: Penny and Michonne's Pet

McFarlane Toys has really amped things up with their The Walking Dead lines.  When comparing the last few lines to the initial series the improvement is vast.  There were a lot of problems with the original series of Comic inspired 'Dead toys, everything from sloppy paint to clunky action features.  With this new series all of those issues have been fixed along serious a improvement in the sculpting department.

The packaging has changed a bit since the first Comic line, they still have the overall design but now come on a slimmer card.  I like it, and for those who are primarily MOC collectors this means you'll be saving a bit of wallspace.  It's worth noting that the clamshell is partially held to the back of the packaging with tape, if you're careful enough you can get to the figures without doing too much damage to the card. 

As mentioned earlier McFarlane Toys did an awesome job with this line.  The idea of a "walking zombie" or an "exploding head" might sound good on paper, but when you're dealing with figures of this size it's hard to pull those action features off without lessening the power overall design.  With this line there are no big spring loaded levers or ugly cracks in the head, just nice rotting zombie sculpts.

Penny is fantastic!  The sculpt is pretty accurate to her comic incarnation (albeit in color.) The paint is pretty good, especially on the face.  There's a bit of gore and blood throughout her body, but it's not overkill.  Penny has 10 points of articulation, a majority of which is above the waist.  The figure could really have used a few extra joints on the leg to help balance everything out.  While she does have issues standing there is a small base included which helps.

Michonne's Pet is decent but does leave a little to be desired, especially in comparison to Penny.  The head lacks a bit of detail, partly due to the paint.  I think if they would have used a few lighter washes over the head and the body it would have fared a little better.  The walker also has ten points of articulation, but unlike Penny he has an easier time standing on his own.  The paint scheme is darker, as such it was a little harder for my camera to pick up the smaller details.  They're all there though, especially in the rotting portion of his torso.  While it's not much of an action feature per say the figure does have an entrail that can be pulled out of his stomach and left dangling, it's a nice touch.

The Governor's undead daughter reigns supreme in this category!  She comes packaged with an aquarium and two severed heads along with a bucket loaded with a heart, two feet, two entrails, and two hands.  On top of all of that the aquarium can be filled with water allowing you to reenact scenes from the comic.  Penny also includes an extra undead pet head allowing you to create a second zombie friend for Michonne if you so desire.  The extra head actually looks a bit better than the one included with Michonne's Pet so you'll probably find yourself swapping them out either way.

Though I didn't pick up the other toys in the line they were also great looking figures.  McFarlane did a really nice job this time around and if you had any doubts due to the first line of comic figures you need not worry.  The prices on these will vary from store to store though it's a safe bet Game Stop will have the lowest price at $14.99.  That price is fair with Penny as she's loaded with accessories, the same can't be said with Michonne's pet however, I feel like he should have either included a few more items or should priced a bit lower.  I know some collectors still scoff at the scale on these but I've actually grown quite accustomed to these lines.  When you've got a handful of zombies it's easy to put together a small army, these are figures I really wish I could have had as a child.  

They're out now so get your asses to Game Stop!


  1. Nice to see and read another horror/action figure collector's blog. The figures look pretty good. I only have Series 3 of the TV versions, but the comic ones look really nice.

    Great article and review! :)

    1. Thanks! I recently purchased a lamp for more natural lighting so future figure reviews will have much better photos!

    2. That should make for even better photos. I don't mean to impose, but if you need any photo advice (see for examples), just let me know. I'd be more than happy to help you out. :)

      Anyway, keep up the great work. :)

  2. I've actually been there a few times, I love the reviews you've done! I guess the first step was better lighting, next I'll need to purchase a better camera haha.

    1. Thanks! I recommend buying some daylight bulbs and picking up a cheap light tent on eBay. Slap the figures inside the light tent and put the lights on the outside and you'll get some nice natural lighting. :)

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