TWD series 4 Rick Grimes (Walgreens exclusive)

I've reviewed a handful of Mcfarlane Toys' The Walking Dead figures in the past.  They seem to improve on things with every series and I really can't get enough of the five inch zombies.  The fourth wave is just around the corner and currently Walgreens is offering an advanced figure for the diehard collectors.

Halloween sightings: Lowes 08/31/13

Lowes only had one endcap dedicated to the Holiday so this post will be short and sweet.

Pretty basic stuff, mostly dedicated to lighting.  Click on the picture and you can get a better look at the pricing.  After seeing Walmart's items for the 2013 season, I was a bit let down with Lowes.  While it's still early, judging by the fact that they'd yet to clear out any other aisles in preparation for new shipments, I'm thinking this might be it.  

Halloween sightings: Walmart 8/29/13

I stopped into the dreaded department store for laundry detergent and left with a full sized skeleton.  I guess you could say it was a worthwhile trip.

Pumpkins, skulls, tealights, and spiders...I can't remember much about last year's set up, but this year there's definitely a lot to look at.

The Odd Angry Shot

Production Year: 1979
Release Date: 08/13/2013
Studio: Synapse
Collection Number: 1331

The Odd Angry Shot isn't your typical gun-totin' war film.  It's not full of explosions, death, and gore, though occasionally those three things do rear their ugly heads.  No, this film is about the soldiers who have to experience these things.  The film follows an Australian Special Air Service team from their humble beginnings as new recruits to their eventual departure as harden soldiers.  There's plenty of films exploring the American side of the Vietnam War, though a lot of times other country's involvement tends to go unnoticed.  The Australians played a big role in the war, and this film explores just that.

A look at some upcoming Code Red blu-ray releases.

While there's still no concrete release date other than "coming soon," I can't help but get excited at the prospect of having Just Before Dawn on blu-ray.  Bill Olsen has been announcing titles left and right, he's even posted a few examples of upcoming cover art (which you'll find below) along with a handful of titles that will soon follow suit (Sweet Sixteen for instance.)

I'm wondering if these will continue with a new spine number, or if some of these high-def re-releases will have the same number as their previous DVD incarnations.  I guess only time will tell.

The Walking Dead: Season 3 limited edition overview

The much anticipated limited edition set is officially in stores.  If you've got a local Hastings in your area that's the place to go as it's $20 cheaper than most stores.  Lowest price or not $75 bucks is still a lot of cash to throw down on a blu-ray set, so to make your decision easier Cannibal Reviews will be taking an indepth look at the contents of the new set!

Sideshow's "Frozen Dead" premium format figure

Sideshow's has most of the horror icons covered in their premium format line, but this morning I saw one of their originals.  With all of this zombie chatter happenin' this week I figured I'd take a few moments to gush about it here.

The Frozen Dead represents one of the worst walking corpses you could find in a horde, an undead Nazi.  At 19 inches tall the zombie means business.  Sadly, he's also out of my price range, but I can dream right?

The Walking Dead: Season 2 LE

With Season Three's excellent set just days from from it's initial release I decided to whip out last season's zombie head and snap a few pictures for an overview.  While I had good intentions I'm almost regretting it now as my anticipation for the upcoming set is at an all time high.

The package is pretty basic, images of the walker's head grace the front and sides of the box.  The back has a typical synopsis along with a list of the extra features included.  Pretty basic, now onto the good stuff...

Mcfarlane Toys' The Walking Dead series 4 packaged pictures!

When the first series hit the toy aisles I was pretty dissatisfied with the final product.  As if there wasn't already an issue with the size, they were just kind of boring and ugly figures.  The $20 price tag didn't help matters much.  Things were a bit better with their second go-round, but with the third series Mcfarlane really hit the mark.  Articulation check.  Sculpt check.  Paint check.  Everything was vastly improved on.  With the fourth series the company is offering up more of the same.

The line consists of five figures (Andrea, The Governor, Carl Grimes, and two Riot Gear Zombies,) but there's also a sixth figure (Rick Grimes) that will be available exclusively at Hastings Entertainment stores.  The Rick is a bit of a mish mash of his series 1 and 2 incarnations and is a very welcome addition to the line.

Chopping Mall blu-ray announced for 2014!

Jim Wynorski announced via facebook that he's currently working on the remastering of both Chopping Mall and The Lost Empire.  Both films will be getting a 4k make over from original 35MM elements, Chopping Mall will even be hitting 200 theaters just in time for Halloween.  Next year will see the release of both films on blu-ray, it's too early for any supplements to be announced, but with Wynorski's participation this early on I think it's safe to say fans will get at least a commentary or two.

This is great news for Chopping Mall fans as the current DVD has a pretty deplorable transfer.  I'm sure we'll hear more news on this front shortly and I'll be definitely keep everyone updated when more information about the screenings hit.

There's no news on a distributer just yet but my money is on Synapse!

Having trouble deciding if you should pre-order the upcoming Friday the 13th complete collection?

I whipped together a  few pictures in photoshop with the help of some toys I've got strung around my desk.  Maybe they can help with your decision.

Paranormal Diaries: Clophill

Are you one of the few that still enjoys a good 'found footage' flick?  Do you dig the Sci-Fi channel's Ghost Hunters?  If you answered "yes" to those questions than I guess I'm in pretty good company.  While the found footage genre is completely saturated I still think that if done right it can make for some excellent entertainment.  Paranormal Diaries: Clophill really hits the target and does it's job, feeling more like an honest documentary than a horror movie.

The film is about a group of paranormal investigators who set their sights on an old decimated church in Clophill, Bedfordshire.  The area was victim to witchcraft and an apparent black mass nearly fifty years prior to the investigators stepping foot on the holy grounds.  Since the satanic orgy the ruins have run rampant with grave robbing and reports of paranormal activity, the local townies also have their own stories and legends surrounding the place.

Mad Monster Party contest!

Cannibal Reviews is kicking off the Halloween season early and giving fans a chance to win a complete set of Mad Monster Party action figures from one of the coolest companies out there, Diamond Select Toys.

All you have to do is head on over to our official facebook page ( click on the "like" button and then share the post with the above photo.  Once you share the picture make sure to leave a comment on the initial post letting me know.  It's that easy!  Winners will be chosen at random on Friday, September 13th.

A huge thanks to our friends over at Diamond Select Toys for making this contest a possibility!

Friday the 13th & The Walking Dead season 3 blu-ray deals!

Generally if I want something bad enough to purchase it the day it's released I'll turn to Amazon.  Their prices are usually the lowest and their customer service is pretty much impeccable.  However for two of this year's coolest boxsets you're going to have to look elsewhere if you want the best deal.

Mezco's Dracula/Mummy & Boris/Claude Monster Mez-itz

Who can say no to jacked up monsterized versions of Lego mini figures?  Not me, that's for sure.  I'm not positive if that was Mezco's original intent, but these certainly remind me of the little lego figurines I had when I was a child albeit more detailed and a lot cooler.  

Mezco began releasing Mez-itz in the early 2000's with lines inspired by Alien, Hellboy, Pirates, and classic monsters.  The Monster Mez-itz line consisted of two series which were both released in 2003.  Each series was made up of four figures with the first wave containing Dracula/Mummy & Frankenstein/Wolfman, and the second with Boris Creepola/Claude Clearwaters & Dr. Mezitstein/Grim Grimly.  

Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff

Production Year: 1979
Release Date: 08/13/2013
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
Collection Number: 1333

Big things are headed our way from Vinegar Syndrome, if they're not spewing forth exploitive material in the form of their Drive-in double features, they're teasing us with upcoming horror blu-rays like Night Train to Terror.  Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff is neither sleaze or horror, but a drama exploring a repressed school teacher's sexuality set during a very conservative period in America.

Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff takes place during the 50's in the small midwestern town of Freedom, Kansas.  Evelyn Wyckoff (Anne Heywood) is an aging high school teacher that's slowly beginning to lose her grip on sanity.  Everything comes to a hilt when she learns that her body is thwarting her into early menopause.  At the guidance of her doctor she seeks out a psychiatrist (Dr. Steiner; Donald Pleasance) who advises her to break out of her shell and find romance.

Voices From Beyond blu-ray and some other Code Red news!

Bill had some pretty exciting news over at the Latarnia forums, Fulci's Voices From Beyond will be getting pressed pretty soon.  The blu-ray will feature a high definition transfer from a new master.

CR has also picked up the rights to a handful of old Anchor Bay titles, one of which (Evil Speak) is currently available to purchase on his Big Cartel website.  Which other titles can we expect?

The Cheerleaders
Revenge of the Cheerleaders
Brotherhood of Death
Neon Maniacs
Spontaneous Combustion 

A number of the above titles will be getting the blu-ray treatment along with Nail Gun Massacre and Just Before Dawn.  Be sure to support the smaller labels, click here to head on over to the Code Red store!

Halloween Sightings: Dollar Tree 8-16-2013

Nothing wrong with saving a little money these days and Dollar Tree is the perfect place to do that.  Occasionally what they do have it a bit uh...Rough, but if you look around generally you can find some pretty cool items.

The lights at the bottom aren't a bad deal for a dollar, same goes for the pumpkin strobe lights which are great for outdoor use.

The Spooky Town project: Part II

It's been a few weeks now and it's finally time for an update on my upcoming Halloween village!  Things have been going pretty smoothly on the Lemax front.  I decided to expand things tenfold one afternoon.  Why?  It just felt right, that's why.

This meant going to Lowes and picking up another huge package of styrofoam...Again I must stress, do not go to your typical hobby/craft store for some of these items as you will get overcharged.  I used the hot wire again to start creating the whole cliff theme.  In the back you can also see I made a small cliff to fill the space between platforms.  The road was purchased a while back, I haven't decided if I'm going to get more road and expand things, or keep the rundown gravel look with a broken road.  I really liked the look of the fake grass on the 4 earlier platforms so I decided to expand on that look.

Diamond Select Toys' Mad Monster Party

I wish I had some glorious excuse for the lack of updates on this website but my reasons are a bit on the mundane side, essentially it's a bunch of small things that kept me away from blogger...Over the last few days I've been in a fender bender, took an out of nowhere, completely-random trip to Texas, and made my way into a few of the scummiest second hand stores the south has to offer.  Oh, and I also received a case of Mad Monster Party toys thanks to the fine folks over at DST.

Mad Monster Party (1967) is a stop motion animated film featuring a slew of our favorite creatures, monsters, and crazed scientists.  The Baron is actually voiced by Boris Karloff and sports a mighty fine resemblance to the late actor.  In the film Baron Boris decides it's time to retire the reigns of being the king of all things creepy, to do so he must gather all of the known monsters to his island for the announcement.  Everyone is represented at some point, from the likes of Frankenstein to the Wolfman and all things in between.  It's still aired sporadically to this day, and while not the most well known of it's stop motion ilk I'd like to think it certainly had a hand in inspiring the likes of Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, and Paranorman.

Sightings (1992-1997)

Wasn't this show the greatest!?  Even to this day that opening creeps me out.

The show was originally conceived in 1991 as an hour long special titled "The UFO Report: Sightings."  It was produced by Linda Moulton Howe, an award winning UFO jack of all trades.  When she's not tracking down mutilated farm animals, Linda also manages to show up on the radio program Coast to Coast Am. Given her participation with both of these great programs I've decided that anything she touches turns to gold.

Mattel's Ghostbusters line is officially making it's way into Big Lots stores!

You read that right, a number of Ghostbusters related collectibles that were originally only available at Matty Collector have been showing up at the national chain at discount prices.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Silent Screamers series 2)

I've gushed about the Silent Screamers line in the past, and while McFarlane, Sideshow, and a few other companies did a lot of great things during the same period I really think these were my favorite monster related toys of the time.  They're just fun, from the packaging all the way down to the multitude of accessories.

By the time the second series hit Aztech Toyz had finally become Mezco Toyz, with this series I feel they really found their niche in mixing cool properties with their signature style.

Halloween Sightings: Big Lots 08/04/13

I stopped in Big Lots over the weekend hoping to find some of the old Matty collector Ghostbusters figures that have been reportedly popping up at the discount chain.  While I had zero luck on that end I was able to see some the store's new 2013 Halloween products.  While they were still busy getting everything out they seemed to have a majority of it on the shelves.

Blood For Irina

Production Year: 2012
Release Date: 07/02/2013
Studio: Autonomy Pictures

Irina is a pretty old vampire...In fact from some of the flashbacks displayed we can probably assume she's been over the hill for about a century.  She's a bit of a self-loathing vamp on top of that, likely stemming from the death of her son and being turned against her will.  She now calls a seedy run down motel home.  The owner of the place keeps pretty close tabs on her, following her about town and occasionally sifting through her garbage.  Eventually she decides to bring a local street walker home and...Well...That's all I can really say without spoiling the rest of the movie.

Jakks' Universal Monsters Series 2 & 3: The coolest toys that were never released!

Almost a decade ago Universal Studios released Van Helsing.  The star-studded film pitted the famed vampire slayer up against various revamped monsters.  Not to anyone's surprise the film was unmercifully slammed by critics and wasn't the massive success that Universal was hoping for.  Some good did come out of the film though, Universal Studios, being the media conglomerate they so righteously are, decided to tie in brand new DVD releases of the old Universal Monster flicks.

Home media wasn't the only thing to benefit however, toy company Jakks Pacific immediately snagged the rights to not just the Van Helsing film, but also the Universal Monsters license.