Blood For Irina

Production Year: 2012
Release Date: 07/02/2013
Studio: Autonomy Pictures

Irina is a pretty old vampire...In fact from some of the flashbacks displayed we can probably assume she's been over the hill for about a century.  She's a bit of a self-loathing vamp on top of that, likely stemming from the death of her son and being turned against her will.  She now calls a seedy run down motel home.  The owner of the place keeps pretty close tabs on her, following her about town and occasionally sifting through her garbage.  Eventually she decides to bring a local street walker home and...Well...That's all I can really say without spoiling the rest of the movie.

I really wanted to like Blood For Irina, judging from all of the positive reviews I figured it was going to be great.  Hailing Franco and Rollin as the inspiration behind the film, this promised to be a return-to-the-roots of sorts, a bloody and horrific vampire film in a world currently dominated by Twilight and it's ilk.

 I didn't get that though, what I got was an experimental mess of a film.  The movie was completely devoid of dialogue, something I can deal with and don't mind.  However when you lose dialogue you have to depend solely on the film's actors and their actions to convey the story.  The film couldn't pull it off and was monotonous at best.  Scenes seemed to be recycled throughout the 70 minutes and you'll likely be checking your watch a few times during it's tenure.

There were a few nods to the aforementioned filmmakers along with a few cool shots and some interesting lighting, but that's all of the positives I could squeeze out of the film.  I found it to be very sloppy and a bit trite, one movie I will not be recommending to anyone anytime soon.

The blu-ray boasts a few outtakes, some deleted scenes, two trailers, a commentary, and a featurette titled R.I.P.: The Riviera Motel.  R.I.P.: The Riviera Motel is about the motel used during the filming of Blood For Irina which has now been senselessly demolished.  I surprisingly found that short special feature more entertaining than the actual movie.

A lot of people seem to dig this flick so I guess I'm alone in my animosity.  With that said I do stand behind my opinion but if you find yourself curious feel free to give it a rental.  As far buying it?  There are much better releases out there deserving of your support.


  1. "Blood for Irena" is a classic example of why horror movie fans (and Fangoria editors) shouldn't try to make horror movies.

    We could all do the same thing with a lava lamp screensaver for the opening titles, a bunch of still images with some public domain classical music over the top, half an hour of amateur vampire footage, and a couple of days playing around with Microsoft Movie Maker.

    How the Hell did this crap get to be on Blu-ray? Oh yeah, Fango's connections. Meh.

    1. Brace yourself....They're making a sequel!

    2. It's the end of the Blu-ray format for good movies. :(