Chopping Mall blu-ray announced for 2014!

Jim Wynorski announced via facebook that he's currently working on the remastering of both Chopping Mall and The Lost Empire.  Both films will be getting a 4k make over from original 35MM elements, Chopping Mall will even be hitting 200 theaters just in time for Halloween.  Next year will see the release of both films on blu-ray, it's too early for any supplements to be announced, but with Wynorski's participation this early on I think it's safe to say fans will get at least a commentary or two.

This is great news for Chopping Mall fans as the current DVD has a pretty deplorable transfer.  I'm sure we'll hear more news on this front shortly and I'll be definitely keep everyone updated when more information about the screenings hit.

There's no news on a distributer just yet but my money is on Synapse!