Diamond Select Toys' Mad Monster Party

I wish I had some glorious excuse for the lack of updates on this website but my reasons are a bit on the mundane side, essentially it's a bunch of small things that kept me away from blogger...Over the last few days I've been in a fender bender, took an out of nowhere, completely-random trip to Texas, and made my way into a few of the scummiest second hand stores the south has to offer.  Oh, and I also received a case of Mad Monster Party toys thanks to the fine folks over at DST.

Mad Monster Party (1967) is a stop motion animated film featuring a slew of our favorite creatures, monsters, and crazed scientists.  The Baron is actually voiced by Boris Karloff and sports a mighty fine resemblance to the late actor.  In the film Baron Boris decides it's time to retire the reigns of being the king of all things creepy, to do so he must gather all of the known monsters to his island for the announcement.  Everyone is represented at some point, from the likes of Frankenstein to the Wolfman and all things in between.  It's still aired sporadically to this day, and while not the most well known of it's stop motion ilk I'd like to think it certainly had a hand in inspiring the likes of Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, and Paranorman.

When I heard Diamond Select Toys had secured the line I knew we were destined for great things, they've got an awesome track record when it comes to quality products.  Once I had these in my hands I knew my expectations were not just exceeded but crushed.  I am not exaggerating when I say it looks as if these characters literally walked out of the movie and onto my shelf.

Each figure is displayed in a carded/bubble package featuring the film's logo and the character's name.  The cardback is colorful and features a rundown of the film and characters involved.  Packaging has always been a strong suit for this company, especially in regards to their deluxe line.  I've never been a MOC collector and I tend to rip into things as soon as I get home, but I can appreciate when a company does a great job with the overall design of the package, So kudos Diamond Select.  Oh and before we're finished with the packaging aspect of the line, two words; Twist ties....And lots of 'em.

When I mentioned that it looks like these guys walked right out of my TV set I wasn't joking.  Each figure has been meticulously sculpted to match up with their screen-counterpart right down to the texture of the clay.  

The Baron is my favorite of the bunch, I don't have any mad doctors in my collection so he was certainly a welcome addition. There's a lot of fine detail in the sculpt from the rough texture of the skin, to the strands of hair, to the lab coat which has certainly seen better days.  This is in my mind is a perfect figure, while he's light on articulation (six points to be exact) the sculpt is spot on, there's little to no paint slop, and he can stand on his own (which is a mighty big plus.)

In the sculpt and paint department Fang is right up there with the Baron.  He looks great and is film accurate right down to the bolts and staples, however there's one definite issue with this giant figure; He leans.  These are animated characters with odd proportions, as such the Frankenstein inspired character is extremely top-heavy.  Every attempt to get him to stand on his own has failed.  There are a few solutions though, before I began to take pictures I used this technique to home remedy the situation.  It worked, and after I simply put a small screw in his base and attached it to the hole on his foot to further secure the big guy which brings us to another issue...Each figure has peg holes but the included bases are peg-less.   While it doesn't pose an a threat for the Baron or Drac, I feel pegs would have been a welcome addition to the line.

Dracula is the last figure of the set and much like the previous two figures is very screen accurate.  Everything has been accounted for including the cool silver skull amulet that rests on the count's chest.  There are six points of articulation present along with a nice big rubber cape.

Each figure includes a handful of accessories to flesh things out.  The Baron has his trusty spider along with a nice clear test tube resting in it's metal clamp.  Dracula includes a vampire bat and a skull.  Lastly Fang comes with a torch that has a nice translucent flame.

 Each figure also includes a stone base featuring the film's logo.  They're nice and a welcome touch, but as mentioned they really could have used a peg or two.

With The Munsters, Universal Monsters, and now Mad Monster Party I think DST are becoming the go-to company when it comes to things that go bump in the night.  The line is steller, and while a few of the figures have issues with balance, this is a case where the good clearly outweighs the bad.  

While there has been zero talk of a second series one can only hope the company decides to revisit the film one more time as there are a lot of cool possibilities...Fang in a suit?  Mummy?  Gillman!?  Only time will tell.  Until then you can order a set here.

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  1. I just ordered a set. Gotta have em.

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