Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Silent Screamers series 2)

I've gushed about the Silent Screamers line in the past, and while McFarlane, Sideshow, and a few other companies did a lot of great things during the same period I really think these were my favorite monster related toys of the time.  They're just fun, from the packaging all the way down to the multitude of accessories.

By the time the second series hit Aztech Toyz had finally become Mezco Toyz, with this series I feel they really found their niche in mixing cool properties with their signature style.
Not much has changed here in comparison to the first series.  The package is pretty big and while I think one can only appreciate this figure by freeing it from it's plastic prison, I will say they do look pretty cool MOC.

This is exactly where this line excels, Mezco did an excellent job capturing the craziness of John Barrymore's famed role.  While Hyde's likeness is exaggerated, it's done well and it's very obvious which incarnation of the madman the look is pulled from.  The paint on Hyde is great with little slop and a lot of small details.  The washes on the clothing work well in bringing out the sculpt of the fabric.  All in all not quite a perfect ten, but damn close.

Inside Hyde the smaller Jekyll is stored away...It's a clever feature and really gives you more bang for your buck.  The sculpt on Jekyll isn't as dynamic and in comparison to the actor is a little soft.  The paint is just as nice though and these two do look great sitting next to each other.

Articulation was never really a strong suit with this line, both figures feature the same five points (elbows, shoulders, and head) and there's not a whole lot of poses you can get them into.  The doctor's left hand is sculpted to hold a syringe though I've had zero luck getting the small piece of plastic to stay firmly in his grasp. 

This is definitely another selling point for this figure as he is loaded.  There's enough beakers and flasks to start your own lab.  Between this and some of the deluxe accessories Diamond Select has been giving us creating one's own haunted castle would be a cinch.  Each figure comes with a base and they share a reversible cardboard backdrop (I just happened to have two.) 

 The bases can connect or can be displayed separately.  The lab portion includes a ton of little pieces of equipment, one of the beakers can even be elevated and heated with the included candle.  The company really knocked it out of the park. 

Like the first series each figure includes a small clear trading card.

Currently action figure prices are pretty high with most in the $20 dollar range...You'd think at that price point you'd get more, but sadly these days companies cut corners reusing parts and generally including less accessories.  It's nice to go back and review figures from this era, when quality was high and things were still profitable enough to bring forth lines of this nature.  If you managed to miss out on the Silent Screamers series I would highly recommend picking up a few on ebay, they're well worth your time and money.