Friday the 13th & The Walking Dead season 3 blu-ray deals!

Generally if I want something bad enough to purchase it the day it's released I'll turn to Amazon.  Their prices are usually the lowest and their customer service is pretty much impeccable.  However for two of this year's coolest boxsets you're going to have to look elsewhere if you want the best deal.

First up we've got Anchor Bay's awesome The Walking Dead season three limited edition box set which gets released on 08/27/13.  The set includes a digipack that comes housed in a big shelf with the Governor's fishtanks.  As if it wasn't cool enough the set also lights up whenever you press the small "3" above the series' logo.

Amazon currently has this set for $98.96 with free shipping, but has the same set for just $74.99 with $0.96 shipping.  If you've got a store in your area you can even trade in a few items and use a gift card to knock that down even further.

Normally "release day" tends to fall on a Tuesday but for Warner Bros Friday the 13th collection they've decided to go with a Friday, September 13th to be exact.  Perfect timing for this much anticipated set which includes ten discs, a tin, a patch, and a slew of other extras.  Amazon has this set for $94.96 which is a pretty good deal considering you're getting every film featuring Crystal Lake's notorious killer.  But if you go on over to WB's website you'll find that it's only $84.99.  That's with free shipping.  Want it cheaper?  During the month of August if you use this code (WBAFSAVE10) you can knock ten bucks off of that price bringing it down to $74.99.

If you know of anymore awesome deals be sure to leave a comment so we can get the word out!


  1. Wow this is very helpful. Great post. I wish I saw more posts like this from people. $10 in savings is always worth it, even if you're not on a budget. It's just stupid to pay more if you don't have to. Thanks a lot for this. I'm ordering the F13 set with that code you gave me and cancelling my prior order.

    1. I canceled my pre-order for TWD set with amazon, I kept hoping they'd match the price but with just days until it gets released I didn't see it happening. Glad I could help!