Halloween Sightings: Dollar Tree 8-16-2013

Nothing wrong with saving a little money these days and Dollar Tree is the perfect place to do that.  Occasionally what they do have it a bit uh...Rough, but if you look around generally you can find some pretty cool items.

The lights at the bottom aren't a bad deal for a dollar, same goes for the pumpkin strobe lights which are great for outdoor use.

You can never have enough fake body parts!

I ended up grabbing one of the vacu-formed zombie masks...Yeah it's pretty bad, but I'm playing around with the idea of giving it a Ben Cooper paint job for a retro look.

Window clings and wall decorations aplenty.  There's literally something for everyone.  I managed to find the last 3D Dracula cling which now happily haunts my bathroom's mirror.

These two sections were full of various knick-knacks.  At the very bottom were small resin/stone busts of Witches and skulls.  They were heavy and seemed like a real bargain for a lowly four quarters.

The last endcap had hundreds of insects and rodents, most of which I did recognize from last year's stock.  While things are still in the early stages of being set up, I feel like they've already got more products out now than they did during the entire 2012 season.  I think it's safe to say this year will be a pretty good one for those who enjoy the Halloween season.

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  1. awesome! I've done some shopping myself! :)