Halloween sightings: Walmart 8/29/13

I stopped into the dreaded department store for laundry detergent and left with a full sized skeleton.  I guess you could say it was a worthwhile trip.

Pumpkins, skulls, tealights, and spiders...I can't remember much about last year's set up, but this year there's definitely a lot to look at.

For those decorating on a budget there were tons of dollar items.

These were pretty cool but not exactly my cup o' tea.

Saw these over on Dinosaur Dracula, while I didn't purchase them I was pretty tempted.

While I'd love to fill the yard with these tombstones I've just never had good luck with them...It's way to windy here and they always end up getting knocked down or worse, blown away.

More lights!  I think I'm going to stick to craigslist for lighting this year in an attempt to save some cash...I might cave and go back though.  They certainly had a lot of cool options.

There was still an empty aisle or two which I assume is mainly for costumes.  I might go back here in a few weeks and see if they've added anything I cannot live without.

Yes, I couldn't resist the skeleton.  It's actually of pretty good quality albeit a bit too clean for my liking.  Nothing a bit of paper mache, paint, and grout can't fix however.  Pictures of that project will be up soon!

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