Mattel's Ghostbusters line is officially making it's way into Big Lots stores!

You read that right, a number of Ghostbusters related collectibles that were originally only available at Matty Collector have been showing up at the national chain at discount prices.

As of right now locally I've only seen three different products, but below is a list of everything that can be found depending on your area and your luck.

SKU#810141191 - "Ready To Believe" Peter
SKU#810141192 - 12 Inch Ray/ Egon two pack
SKU#810141193 - Peter Venkman
SKU#810141194 - 12 Inch Peter/Winston two pack
SKU#810141195 - "Ready To Believe" Ray 
SKU#810141196 - Vigo
SKU#810141197 - "Ready To Believe" Egon
SKU#810141198 - Vinz Clortho
SKU#810141199 - Slime Blower Winston
SKU#810141200 - Peter Venkman

The likeness on the figures are decent albeit a bit "soft," the ghosts included are definitely a nice bonus and were my favorite part of the two six inch figures.  Even with cool translucent spooks I wasn't too impressed with the pair of six inch figures.

I can't say the same about the 12 inch figures however, when I saw a few pictures online I thought it was an easy pass for me...But when I saw them in person I couldn't resist.  The packaging is seriously cool and the level of detail on the suits and the proton packs really won me over.

The only downside is the Ray/Egon set doesn't include the ghost trap with spring loaded doors, for that I'm afraid I'll have to do a bit of traveling to find the Peter/Winston pack.  

Big Lots is known for their $3 dollar DVD's and other factory outlet-esque deals, but never in a million years did I think I'd find Ghostbuster toys in the store.  A number of these have already hit ebay, meaning it's only a matter of time before scalpers hit the chain hard.  I'd recommend getting in on this deal while ya' can.