Mcfarlane Toys' The Walking Dead series 4 packaged pictures!

When the first series hit the toy aisles I was pretty dissatisfied with the final product.  As if there wasn't already an issue with the size, they were just kind of boring and ugly figures.  The $20 price tag didn't help matters much.  Things were a bit better with their second go-round, but with the third series Mcfarlane really hit the mark.  Articulation check.  Sculpt check.  Paint check.  Everything was vastly improved on.  With the fourth series the company is offering up more of the same.

The line consists of five figures (Andrea, The Governor, Carl Grimes, and two Riot Gear Zombies,) but there's also a sixth figure (Rick Grimes) that will be available exclusively at Hastings Entertainment stores.  The Rick is a bit of a mish mash of his series 1 and 2 incarnations and is a very welcome addition to the line.

Series 4 is slated to hit major realtors this October but I'm betting Game Stop will get this series in a bit early.  My 5 inch zombie collection is slowly turning into a horde, my inner child is pleased.