Paranormal Diaries: Clophill

Are you one of the few that still enjoys a good 'found footage' flick?  Do you dig the Sci-Fi channel's Ghost Hunters?  If you answered "yes" to those questions than I guess I'm in pretty good company.  While the found footage genre is completely saturated I still think that if done right it can make for some excellent entertainment.  Paranormal Diaries: Clophill really hits the target and does it's job, feeling more like an honest documentary than a horror movie.

The film is about a group of paranormal investigators who set their sights on an old decimated church in Clophill, Bedfordshire.  The area was victim to witchcraft and an apparent black mass nearly fifty years prior to the investigators stepping foot on the holy grounds.  Since the satanic orgy the ruins have run rampant with grave robbing and reports of paranormal activity, the local townies also have their own stories and legends surrounding the place.

Insert a group of documentary filmmakers into the mix and you can kind of assume what happens next.  Earlier I mentioned the television show Ghost Hunters and with good reason, this feel like a 90 minute episode of the show, only this time around something paranormal actually happens and has an affect on the group of would-be filmmakers.  Much like the television show they have a number of gadgets at their disposal, night vision cameras, voice records, even a ouija board gets used at one point, which is typically a big no-no when it comes to hauntings.  My favorite though, was the use of a "ghost box" which is a device the emits one long stream of radio static, apparently you can hear the occasional ghost speaking through the machine (please excuse me while I add that to my amazon wishlist.)

The first few nights of the hunt go as planned...Subtle hints of the paranormal are caught on camera in the form of disembodied voices and strange noises.  Things slowly get worse as the crew make their way around the hallowed grounds night after night.  Is it really haunted?  Was their truly a black mass at the ruins of the old church?  I'm afraid you'll have to watch the movie if you are really itchin' to find out.

As a found footage film it gets a total A+, it feels like a genuine documentary from the actors to the scenery right down to the editing, that aspect of the film is perfect.  While I did not find it as frightening as some of the other reviewers, there are a few decent scares scattered throughout the film.  While I managed get some level of enjoyment out of the movie it's not something I would recommend to those who are not fans of the found footage genre.  If you've seen Ghost Hunters and have a genuine disdain for the show you're also going to want to avoid this one.  Everyone else sit back, turn it on, and enjoy!

*It's worth noting that this film has yet to get a US distribution deal, currently it is only available for pre-order in Europe thanks to Second Sight films.


  1. From what I hear, only two people on the crew knew it was film, the rest of the poor blighters genuinely think they've stumbled on a real black-mass!

    1. That wouldn't surprise me as most of the crew seemed really genuine. I think other found footage films should take a page out of their book haha.

  2. OMG used to live 20mins from Clophill, me and my mates went up there once on halloween; needless to say we lasted about half an hour, there's some really freaky stuff up there. Local legends abound . . . if you're ever in the area . . . actually, don't.

  3. I can't believe I wasted my time watching this "movie". A group of "investigators sitting around in the dark trying to scare themselves, jumping and panicking at every little sound. It was like ghost hunters on Discovery channel, only more amateurish (if that's even possible). Don't waste your time on this piece of crap.