Sideshow's "Frozen Dead" premium format figure

Sideshow's has most of the horror icons covered in their premium format line, but this morning I saw one of their originals.  With all of this zombie chatter happenin' this week I figured I'd take a few moments to gush about it here.

The Frozen Dead represents one of the worst walking corpses you could find in a horde, an undead Nazi.  At 19 inches tall the zombie means business.  Sadly, he's also out of my price range, but I can dream right?

I won't kid myself, zombies are totally oversaturated right now.  One out of every four DTV horror films seems to be a zombie movie.  They've taken over our televisions, comics, and toy stores.  But honestly, I don't care.  While I'm not the world's biggest fan of some of these DTV monstrosities I doubt I'll ever tire of these undead creatures.  It probably stems from being a young zombie fanatic in the early 90's and not having anything to heed the obsession.

I never managed to pick up any of the 12 inch "The Dead" figures Sideshow produced, who knows if I'll ever have the cash to throw at this badass statue...But I do like knowing that there's a company out there who's actively creating stuff like this.  I like having options dammit!