Sightings (1992-1997)

Wasn't this show the greatest!?  Even to this day that opening creeps me out.

The show was originally conceived in 1991 as an hour long special titled "The UFO Report: Sightings."  It was produced by Linda Moulton Howe, an award winning UFO jack of all trades.  When she's not tracking down mutilated farm animals, Linda also manages to show up on the radio program Coast to Coast Am. Given her participation with both of these great programs I've decided that anything she touches turns to gold.

Anyhow, the special pulled in a lot of high ratings and eventually led to Fox picking up "Sightings" for a weekly broadcast in 1992.  Tim White would host well over 100 episodes of the show in the 5 years that it aired.

The show never had a singular theme, each broadcast was made up of several segments ranging from ghosts to UFOs, cryptozoology and everything inbetween.  I can remember one segment centering around a stretch of highway that just so happened to be numbered "666" and was the spot of many vehicular deaths.  There were also a number of recurring guests from week to week, my favorite being the psychic Peter James.  This dude was intense with his crazy white hair and jet black mustache.  Every Time he walked into a room he knew exactly where the ghost was and if it was a macabre specter.

I would tune in weekly to get my paranormal fix, but eventually ratings would drop and on September 11th, 1997 the last episode hit the airwaves.  Though the normal program was no more the Sci-Fi channel aired reruns until 2003...If you were lucky enough you could have probably caught the entire run of the show in about a year as they would occasionally have Sightings marathons.

In a world where Paranormal Activity brings in massive cash and Ghost Hunters can have multiple seasons, you'd think a show like Sightings could return and meet great success.  Sadly, Peter James has passed on but Tim White and Linda M are still kickin.'  Maybe it's about time to start up Sightings 2.0.