The Odd Angry Shot

Production Year: 1979
Release Date: 08/13/2013
Studio: Synapse
Collection Number: 1331

The Odd Angry Shot isn't your typical gun-totin' war film.  It's not full of explosions, death, and gore, though occasionally those three things do rear their ugly heads.  No, this film is about the soldiers who have to experience these things.  The film follows an Australian Special Air Service team from their humble beginnings as new recruits to their eventual departure as harden soldiers.  There's plenty of films exploring the American side of the Vietnam War, though a lot of times other country's involvement tends to go unnoticed.  The Australians played a big role in the war, and this film explores just that.

Every soldier of the team has their own different personality ranging from joker to seasoned brute.  One thing they do have in common, a disdain for their current surroundings.  When the group isn't getting into the trenches they're trying their best to keep their minds off of the war, from a simple game of cards to all out brawls with American soldiers.  But no matter how many drinks these men consume there's no escaping the reality of the war they're now a part of.

Synapse really delivered on the PQ with this release reviving the film with a wonderfully clear picture.  It's rich with texture and full of color.  There's a nice grain present proving a definite lack of edge enhancement or DNR.  One might notice the occasional flicker or instances of age, but it's nothing too serious.  The Audio is more of the same, the levels are great and actor's dialogue comes through nice and clear, though with heavy accents at times it's still a bit hard to understand.  Never the less it's a nice lossless 2.0 mix.

An interview with the American Stuntman Buddy Joe Hooker is the main featurette of the disc.  It's not too long but a welcome addition to the blu-ray.  There's also a theatrical trailer along with an audio commentary featuring the director Tom Jeffery, producer Sue Milliken, and actor Graeme Blundell.  Like most Synapse releases this blu-ray also features a reversible cover, a trend I wish would catch on with other companies.

While the film lacks the spectacle of some of the more well known 'Nam epics, it brings realism and truly likable characters to the table.  You like these men, you care about them.  That's the driving force behind the film, a yearning to see everyone of them make it home.  Synapse's blu-ray isn't heavy on the features, but it's excellent transfer coupled with the wonderful film makes this a worthy purchase for film fans.


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