The Spooky Town project: Part II

It's been a few weeks now and it's finally time for an update on my upcoming Halloween village!  Things have been going pretty smoothly on the Lemax front.  I decided to expand things tenfold one afternoon.  Why?  It just felt right, that's why.

This meant going to Lowes and picking up another huge package of styrofoam...Again I must stress, do not go to your typical hobby/craft store for some of these items as you will get overcharged.  I used the hot wire again to start creating the whole cliff theme.  In the back you can also see I made a small cliff to fill the space between platforms.  The road was purchased a while back, I haven't decided if I'm going to get more road and expand things, or keep the rundown gravel look with a broken road.  I really liked the look of the fake grass on the 4 earlier platforms so I decided to expand on that look.

Once I finished with the hot wire and the adhesive it was time to break out the grout.  I covered the base with a few coats and after 24 hours I began to paint everything.

Once painting was finished I used a few a handful of Hobby Lobby train scenery accents to add more detail to my display.  This was definitely my least favorite part of the project and I've still got the dried super glue on my fingers to prove it.  It was well worth it though and lichen, vines, and the fake hay are great ways to cover up seams, cracks, and other issues the grout didn't take care of.

As of right now I believe I'm through with this year's base.  There are a few small areas that need a slight paint touch up, but aside from that I'm beginning to think this is finally complete.  I'm sure next year I'll be purchasing a second table for an even bigger town.

This isn't the end though, not even close...What's Spooky Town without the town!?  Yes eventually I'll be dusting off the old Lemax boxes and putting together my display, until then feel free to comment and share your displays for 2013!