2013's Halloween gift guide

It seems like every September our favorite companies begin pumpin' out horror-themed goodies for carnivorous fans to quickly devour.  Below you'll find a list that's sure to make your wallet cry.

NECA - A Nightmare on Elm Street Series 4 - The Springwood Slasher
Neca's newest ANOES assortment consists of two figures, but in my honest opinion there's only one worth your hard earned cash and that's "The Springwood Slasher," a pre-burnt Freddy Krueger with an amazing Robert England Likeness.  Hands down one of the best sculpts the company has put out in a while.

Diamond Select Toys - Universal Monsters wave 4 - The Moleman, The Hunchback, Dr. Jeckyl
I have a lot of Fall traditions, over the last few years hunting down the new Universal Monsters figures from Diamond Select has been one of them.  Every Fall hits you can expect to find their newest wave of their Monsters in stores.  You can grab the deluxe versions or stick with the Toys R Us exclusives, either way you're making a wise decision.

Warner Bros - Friday the 13th : The Ultimate Collection
There's been a lot of controversy about this set, and while it's not perfect I still give it my full recommendation. The transfers all look great; natural, no evidence of DNR, with a lot of detail present.  While it does have it's faults the positives easily outweigh the negatives.  All ten Friday films are accounted for along with Freddy vs Jason and the Reboot.  What are you waiting for?

1428 Films - Crystal Lake Memories
The perfect companion piece for your Friday the 13th set.  This incredibly in depth documentary covers everything from the first Friday to the remake.  Rumors, controversies, feuds, everything is discussed.  A must own for Friday the 13th fanatics!

Starz/Anchor Bay - Halloween; 35th anniversary blu-ray
There's no sugarcoating things, Anchor Bay has literally re-released Halloween to death.  We've gotten limited editions, blu-rays, 25th, 30th, and (now) 35th anniversary releases.  However, with this latest release I feel they've finally given the US crowd a solid Halloween blu-ray.  Gone are the color timing issues that haunted past releases.  The first pressing of the disc is housed in an awesome digibook sure to whet any fan's appetite.

Raro Video - Nightmare City blu-ray
Love him or hate him Umberto Lenzi has made some pretty unforgettable films.  Nightmare City, one of his most coveted, is finally making the jump to HD thanks to the fine folks over at Raro.  If you've been longing to see this masterfully crafted disco dance number in high definition your wish will soon be granted!

Mezco - Mega Scale Chucky
This 15 inch incarnation of everyone's favorite plastic serial killer should be hitting shelves within the next few weeks.  Mezco really outdid themselves!
hopefully this means more Child's Play products will be right around the corner.

Rubies - Grave Walkers - The Creature, Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein
I'd love to live in a world where I could shove these in front of a fake tombstone and display them in my yard, not having to worry about the neighborhood kids or other assholes tampering with them.  Sadly, I don't.  Luckily Grave Walkers would look cool anywhere you put the them.  While they're marketed as Halloween decorations I'm sure horror fans wouldn't mind displaying them year round.

McFarlane Toys - The Walking Dead series 4 - Carl, Andrea, Zombies, etc
McFarlane has drastically improved the quality of their The Walking Dead series of action figures.  These figures are currently available at Walgreens stores and should be hitting other retail outlets over the next few weeks.  I've got the two zombie figures of the newest wave so I can attest to this line's awesomeness!

Gary Pullin - Fright Night Print
Ghoulish Gary Pullin has just released a brand new 18x24 poster print of 1985's Fright Night.  The poster is limited to 100, also available is an extra rare variant edition that's limited to 50.  Click here and order one before they're gone for good!

Toxic Toons - Trick or Treat Bag
I've been a big fan of the artwork of Eric Pigors for a while now, every piece he does has that nice Halloween aesthetic that makes me feel all warm and nostalgic inside.  On his website for a mere $40 bucks you can order a loaded trick or treat bag filled with artwork, music, stickers, activity books, and more.  Perfect for any Halloween enthusiast or (in my case) a Horror blogger who refuse to grow up.

General Mills - Monster Cereals
General Mills is really trying to appease fans as this year just in time for Halloween they're not just releasing the ol' Count, but an entire legion of monster cereals.    Frankenberry, Boo berry, Frute Brute, and the Yummy Mummy are all joining Count Chocula on store shelves this season.  If you're really feeling nostalgic you can get them in their original "retro box" form at Target stores.

Scream Factory - Day of the Dead, Psycho II, Prince of Darkness, etc
I'm not going to lie, I'm a complete fanboy when it comes to this company.  This month saw the release of 1985's Day of the Dead, a seminal zombie classic, while it's not the first blu-ray release the film has seen, it's definitely one of the best.  Their schedule is pretty loaded with Psycho II, Psycho III, The Prince of Darkness, The Amityville Horror trilogy, and a slew of others set to be released.  Pick your poison.

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