FEARtober (FEARnet swag!)

If you're on this site you've heard of FEARnet.  But have you heard about FEARtober!?  Starting October 1st FEARnet kicks off the holiday with a month long assault of horror films, downloads, and giveaways leading up to a 24 hour Trick 'R Treat marathon on Halloween.
To help with promotion the folks over at FEARnet HQ were nice enough to send me this!
There's a few ways you can get in on the action, check with your local cable provider to see about getting FEARnet.  For a full list of providers and channels click here.  If that doesn't work you can always view a number of films from their website.  

Be sure to bookmark the site as there's going to be some pretty cool things happening there in just a few days.  They're going to have an interactive October advent calendar that will reveal new downloads, links, and content daily.  That along with the giveaways is enough to have me checking back frequently.

Yeah, I decided to toss NECA's Sam figure into a few pictures.  Sometimes I can't help myself.


  1. Would you still happen to have the fearnet box?