Halloween Sightings - The Basement 09/27/13

Ah, the first consignment store of the season.  I was a bit worried when I'd heard about this place thinking the prices might be a bit too high for my liking, thankfully I was wrong.  I have to say this is probably one of the cooler stores I've been to this season.  They had a wide range of decorations from tradition to just plain weird.  I dug it.  Cassette tapes, devil clocks, magazines with Charlie Manson's face splashed across the cover.  Yeah, The Basement had all of their bases covered for the season.

The prices varied, but thankfully nothing was overpriced.  If anything I was surprised by how cheap some of this stuff was.

I wish I could have stayed longer, but I was already running late.  I had to pick my girlfriend up from the airport at 6:10.  While I was taking these pictures it was about 6:20 give 'er take.  It's Halloween stuff though, she'd understand...Right?  I did walk away with three items for a grand total of about 15 bucks.

Onto the haul!

I've decided that I need to buy more tin signs.  I want to plaster them all over my house.  Sadly the signage at Michaels is a bit too...What's the word..Glittery.  Yeah, a bit too glittery.  This is more my speed.

Continuing the witch trend we have this.  I could literally write a dissertation about this piece of porcelain and why it's so awesome.  Look at that witch, perched atop a jack-o-lantern- legs obscenely spread.  What's not to like!?

The last item from The Basement?  

Yeah, I can't tell you how long I've wanted to buy one of these kits.  I looked and looked last December but every Toys R Us was sold out.  I guess the wait paid off though, this was only $4.99!  The box is a bit beat up but it's complete and seems to have never been used.  I think when I begin my month long horror marathon here in the next few days I'll whip this out and start putting a face together.  With my oh-so-good sculpting ability I'm sure the "missing person" will end up resembling one of the California Raisins.  

In closing I've decided I need to check out more consignment stores.  It's really hit or miss I guess.  Tomorrow I think I'll visit a few Goodwill locations on my way to Oklahoma City.  Though I doubt none of them will top The Basement.

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