Halloween Sightings: Garden Ridge 09/11/13

If you're lucky enough to have a Garden Ridge in your area I'd implore you to go there immediately.  They have a large selection of Halloween items that are surprisingly moderately priced.  Some of the hanging decorations you'll see in the following photos start at $5.99.  If you're looking to stock up, Garden Ridge should be at the top of your list.

From small lighted novelties to giant inflatables Garden Ridge's Halloween selection caters to any budget.  While I didn't purchase much, I did walk aways with a few tea-lights and some "zombie arms" for the garden.  My girlfriend purchased a screaming doorbell that when placed over our house's chime goes off every time someone rings.   I'm currently in the process of getting everything ready, my next big purchase?  (Fingers crossed) a custom-made wooden coffin.  

If you've got any store requests feel free to leave a comment!