Halloween Sightings - Home Goods 9-29-13

This morning Oklahoma's first HomeGoods store had it's grand opening.  "Sure, I'll go, why not?"  I said, thinking that it wouldn't be any big deal...I mean really, who's going to get up at 8 am to wait outside of some new department store (other than me, of course.) Well to put it lightly, I guess I really underestimated the older-female population of Norman, Oklahoma.  When I say I was the only guy in a crowd of about 100 women, I'm not exaggerating.  These older ladies are cutthroat too.  Think Black Friday meets a bingo hall.

While the crowd really hindered my photo-taking abilities, I did manage to snap a few pics.  I hope you appreciate them as in taking them I received some of the most God awful looks.  To be fair I probably would have received the awkward glances without taking the photos, but I'm sure it didn't help matters.

If I had to describe the store's stock I'd say it's a bit like the closeout housewares items places like Ross and TJ Maxx have (only) on a larger scale.  There was actually some pretty neat stuff here honestly.

I almost left the store with a big "Happy Halloween" lantern, but after almost being clipped by a woman in an electric wheelchair I decided it would be better to not test my luck.  I left empty handed, but I do think I'll check back here in a few weeks when the excitement has died down.  It was a nice mix of stuff, and I would recommend checking out the store if there is one in your area.  Just avoid any grand openings unless you have a thing for the older ladies...If that's the case maybe you could give the term "grand opening" a whole new meaning.


  1. Home Goods is my favorite store for decorations. Since my apartment is glam goth princess, the stuff that most people save for the Halloween season is out year round for me. In fact I probably do all my general home decorating shopping around Halloween. What I like about the Home Goods stuff, besides it's affordability compared to other stores (like Pottery Barn, beautiful Halloween stuff on their website, can't really afford most of it) is that they have some real gems of high quality, durable pieces. This year I bought a taper candle holder with skulls and bat wings. It's the kind of thing you could kill someone with with just one hit to the head. It was gold, but I painted it black. Anyway, I wanted to say that at least in LA, the Halloween stuff is really picked over by this weekend and is usually gone by mid-October. They usually put it out by the third weekend in August and I tend to go once a week for a few weeks on the hunt. I know your store just opened, it might be different. But don't wait too long to head back if you're serious about getting something. The stuff they have left at mid-October often gets marked down, so sometimes you get lucky.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I'm gonna head back up there pretty soon...It was way too crowded.