Halloween Sightings: Target 11/17/13

Target has been really slacking off when compared to the other department stores, it took us three different locations before we were able to find one that had a majority of their product out.

The first thing you'll see as you enter the store is the revamped dollar section.  Almost everything is geared towards Autumn with a big section being specifically Halloween related.  Small novelties like fake eyeballs all the way to big plastic skull cups can be found scattered around the shelves.

 I was tempted to grab one of these, each colored Frankenstein container is full of different Chupa Chups (flavored suckers.)  There were green, purple, and blue pails available.  

 Some folks have found glass skull decanters at their local stores...I was really hoping to spot on today but no dice.

$40.00 might seem a bit steep, but this was gigantic and heavy.

This was a pretty cool candy bowl.  It's motion activated and pretty loud.  I wish I'd have snapped pictures of the laughing skull prop they had!  Next time..

Heads up, full sized skeletons at Target are actually $10 cheaper than Walmart!

 ...And the dollar haul!  A few skull shot glasses, GITD dog poop, tea lights, and some window gel clings.  Pretty good deal for six bucks and some change.

So that's about it for Target.  For anyone looking for the Count Chocula retro cereal boxes our stores had them located in the Halloween section on a dedicated endcap.  I'm going to check back in a few weeks to see if I can't find one of those skull decanters, as always I'll keep ya' updated!

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