McFarlane Toys - TWD Series 4 - Riot Gear Zombies

As much as I love AMC's The Walking Dead it's still not enough to make me commit to some of the line's human figures.  The zombies though, well that's another story.  I'm extremely happy to announce that zombies of the toy line's fourth wave came out looking beautiful...Well, maybe I'm being a bit fervent.  Beautiful is probably not the best adjective to use when describing these guys, but take my word for it, they look great!

Same ol' same ol' for the line as far as packaging goes.  Walgreens had these in a small cardboard display at the very front of the store, as if they were challenging me to not buy them or something.  "Go ahead, try and leave without the zombie, I dare ya."  I'm not sure what the store does with displays once they figures are gone, but if you're the type that buys the entire set and keeps 'em MOC it'd be a nice extra to have.  I've seen the display at multiple stores now, so it's safe to say if you've got a Walgreens in your area they should have these out now.

This is where the line really shines.  McFarlane Toys has managed to pack an insane amount of detail into such a small figure.  You might have had your issues with the first few waves, Lord knows I did, but the problems those figures suffered are long gone.  The look of each is nearly perfect, extremely accurate to their depiction in the show.  The paint is right up there as well, very little slop with a nice bit of gloss to make everything look nice and slimey.  
Each five inch figure features 14 points of articulation, the perfect amount to get multiple poses out of each.  Both include a scene specific action feature, the gas mask zombie has a removeable face, while the other has a knife that can be inserted into it's skull.  I can't say enough good things about these two figures!

Unless you count the removable gas mask, these figures have zero accessories.

I realize that zombies are oversaturated at the moment, knowing that I still can't get enough of them.  I think a lot of it's due to to the complete lack of anything zombie when I was a child, now I feel as if I'm making up for lost time or something.  If you're trying to build a 5 inch horde of walkers, McFarlane is probably your best bud right now.  At $12.99 these (in my opinion) are moderately priced, though a $9.99 tag would feel a bit better given the scale of these guys.

 I'd go as far as to say these are the best walkers McFarlane Toys has released thus far.  They get my full recommendation!