My Spooky Town display for 2013 (Spooky Town Project: Part III)

I tried to hold off setting up the town for as long as possible...I made it to September 12th.  Not horrible considering when the 12th hit we here in the USA only had ten days left until the Fall season.  I've decided to treat Spooky Town much like you would a Christmas tree, a yearly tradition rooted in a specific season.  I figure only having it out for a few months will always keep it fresh.  Every year I plan on buying a few more pieces and building onto the town.  Eventually when the technology advances I'll be able to shrink myself down to "HO" scale and inhabit the city I've built.  Yeah, I dream big.

If the video didn't overload your senses, I've also got a handful of pictures!

While we still have weeks before October hits I'm already planning next year's town.  It involves another table and about 10x the styrofoam.  Yeah, I also plan big. 

If you're curious about how I created the landscape portion of the town check out these two posts:
The Spooky Town Project
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  1. Wow, this is one of the best Spooky Town platforms I've ever seen! I'm really inspired. I love the skull cave you created for the back. I'm pretty jealous of that part. It would be so cool if you could make little hanging bats to hang up in the cave mouth or little pin prick red eyes made from tiny leds. I've been working on a piece of my platform all afternoon and I decided to take a break and browse what other people have come up with. I've been carving cobblestones out of styrofoam for hours. But I love Spooky Town. I have a Spooky Town abuse problem. Thanks for sharing your display.

    1. I had the idea of drilling holes in the sockets of the skull so I could put some led lights in, but sadly the idea occurred to me after I'd attached it to the skull and put grout over everything. I'm already planning next years display. Thanks for checking out and the kind words!