V/H/S/2 (DVD)

Production Year: 2013
Release Date: 09/24/13
Studio: Magnet
Collection Number: 1375

A few months back I had the pleasure of watching V/H/S/2 and I really dug it.  Now the folks over at Magnet are gearing up for the inevitable home video release and were kind enough to send over a DVD.  Upon my second viewing my thoughts haven't changed much.  Like the first film it suffers from having one pretty weak entry, but it saved by having a handful of great ones.   If you're interested in reading my initial review, check it out below.

I was one of the few that seemed to really dig V/H/S, even with the abundance of crappy "found footage" flicks I still find myself enjoying films of that nature, as such I was anticipating the sequel.  I sat down this afternoon and watched V/H/S/2 and I'm happy to report that I really liked this sequel. 
This time the central story involves a private investigator and his colleague who are hired by woman to track down her missing son.  The search leads to an empty house which much like the film's predecessor has a room containing a mountain of flickering TV sets.  The kid they are looking for turns out to be one of the delinquents from the first film, he also happens to have quite the collection of unmarked tapes which the two investigators begin to watch. Read more...

What really drew me to the DVD was the notion of seeing things unrated, being able to experience my favorite of the shorts, Safe Haven, the way it was meant to be seen.  Boy it did not let down with that second viewing.  While I enjoyed most of the shorts I could easily keep that one on repeat for the duration of the film.

Looks like a loaded disc, right?!

Each short not only includes a commentary track, but it's own dedicated featurette (this includes the wrap around story,)  rather than having one all inclusive featurette. 

The featurettes vary in length and quality, some of them are a bit more in-depth; interviews with the actors and directors, others feature raw behind the scenes footage.  AXS: TV: A Look at V/H/S/2 Is basically reiterating most of what you've seen in the other featurettes, interviews and rundowns of the shorts included in the film.  Overall while this looks like a loaded disc, several of the special features are just minutes long.  I guess looks can be a bit deceiving, eh?  C'mon Magnet, we expect more of you than a series of two minute features!  Given the nature of this film it's a safe bet that there were numerous outtakes, I'd have loved to see some of those.

If you liked the first you'll more than likely love the sequel, while it expands on what was great about the original film, it's only repeat offense is dwelling on a wrap around story that's just not too riveting.  I'm not sure how the blu-ray fared, but I have to say I'm a bit unimpressed with the DVD's special features.  Nitpicks aside, fan's of the first rejoice, this is a sequel that does the original justice!