Production Year: 2012
Release Date: 08/20/2012
Studio: Artsploitation Films
Collection Number: 1304

Wither is Sweden's answer to The Evil Dead, a film about a group of friends having a nice weekend retreat in an isolated cabin who eventually have to deal with possession and dismemberment.  I'd probably have to use both of my hands and one foot if I were to count all of The Evil Dead homages I've seen in recent years, thankfully this film is leading the pack as far as quality goes.

The friends are a bit on the cliched side, you've got your sweet innocent couple, smart-ass younger brother, a clueless tag-along buddy, and a few hopeless females.  Much like Raimi's 1981 horror opus, the bad things start in the cellar.  This time around one of those hopeless females I referred to earlier manages to find her way down into the creepy earth floor cellar.  I know exactly what some of you are thinking but I must interject, without awful, stupid decisions a lot of our favorite horror flicks would be mighty boring.  So yes, this dumb decision causes this poor girl to become 'infected,' thus kick starting the carnage.

When I say carnage I mean it, this film is full of the red stuff.  As far as I could tell most of the effects were practical which is always nice to see.  One bloody scene did stick with me throughout the mayhem, a simple throat slicing gag-turned beheading.  Boy, that one was worth the price of admission.  Once you get past the great special effects though there is one mighty big issue.  When does "homage" end and "rip off" begin?  In some ways this is almost too much like The Evil Dead.  It's got a lot going for it...Good gore, nice acting, decent and sometimes interesting direction.  But it's one main fault is being too much like Raimi's masterpiece.

I wasn't very familiar with Artsploitation Films prior to receiving Wither, but after watching this disc the company is officially on my radar.  The overall presentation given to this film is pretty damn good.  A nice cover design with a numbered spine, an image on the cover's reverse side, a number of special features, and last but not least, an informative 8 page booklet.  Some of these smaller labels should really take note.

Wither has a few deleted scenes, a behind the scenes featurette, and a number of horror trailers from the studio.

Had an old recorder featuring Bob Dorian's voice popped up, Wither could have very well been a remake.  While that is certainly the film's central downfall, it also managed to take on The Evil Dead's unrelenting pace.  Meaning once things start the blood doesn't stop flowing until the credits start to roll.  That coupled with the film's direction, FX, and acting, makes for one decent horror film, homage or not.

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