DST - Uni. Monsters - Mole Man and Mr. Hyde - TRU Exclusives

Today we'll be taking a look at DST's newest Universal Monster offerings!  The Mole Man and Mr. Hyde are part of the exclusive Toys R Us line and are also accompanied by The Hunchback, though I decided to skip him as I've got the deluxe version.

The packaging isn't quite as nice as the normal DST boxes but it gets the job done.  If you're new to the line you might notice The Mole Man has a silver Toys R Us stamp on the box, he's currently only available at that store while Hyde and The Hunchback are available at other retailers as select versions with bigger bases and more accessories.

I'm not sure how much longer this line is going to last.  DST has been having issues acquiring some likeness rights which has impeded the proper release of certain characters, that mixed with dwindling action figure sales means this line probably won't get as extensive as Sideshow Collectibles' series from the 90's...Which is kind of a bummer.

Never-the-less, I appreciate the work Diamond Select has put into the series giving us not just cool monsters, but detailed bases to display them on.  Last year the company stepped up their game giving the figures better paint and articulation.  This trend continues with this wave; each figure features 16 points of articulation.  While some of it is hindered a bit due to the clothing, it's still enough to get a few dynamic poses out of each.

My biggest issue with past series had to do with the paint washes on the face, I'm really happy that this wave is clear of that.  There are washes, but it's not overkill.  Just enough to bring out all the small details of the sculpt.  Mr. Hyde is the clear winner of the two as they really captured his likeness; the messy hair, flared nostrils, and bags under the eyes.  That's not to say the Mole person doesn't look great either, while the character isn't exactly Universal Monster royalty, they did a stand up job with'em.

As far as the rest of the body goes, even minute details are covered such as Hyde's ring and the bumps on the rest of Mole Man's skin.  I'm really diggin' these two figures!

Hyde includes a rooftop base along with a top hat, cape, and cane.

While the Mole Man's only accessory is the mushroom-filled base.

They might not be the signature characters one thinks of when Universal Monsters come to mind, but Diamond Select Toys' fourth series still remains a strong one.  It's also worth noting that while Sideshow gave fans a Mole Man well over a decade ago, this is the first time we're getting Karloff's Hyde in plastic form.   

It's sad that we're going to have to wait another year for the next series, but lucky for us Diamond Select still has a few tricks up their sleeve, a new Munsters line, UM Retro line, and two more UM banks will be hitting store shelves soon!

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