DST - Universal Monsters Select Series 4 - Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde

Alright folks I've saved the best for last!  If there's one DST UM figure to purchase this year, it's this one.  Dr. Jekyll sports Diamond's best likeness yet, when you toss in the lab equipment you've got the makings of something pretty darn cool.  Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde might not be on your radar for Halloween viewing tomorrow, but after purchasing this figure it will definitely be on mine.

The norm for the deluxe figures, you'd have to have a lot of self control to not open this one. 

Let's get something out of the way, the first thing you might notice about some of my pictures is that the hair on my figure is slightly different than what you'll see in stores.  The original prototype featured a white/gray hair paint scheme, this didn't make it to the final product, something I amended with a little bit of acrylic paint.

The sculpt is great!  They did an awesome job capturing the likeness of an older Karloff.  It certainly overshadows Mr. Hyde, which is also great.  But man, wonderful job Diamond Select!

Dr. Jekyll includes an extra pair of hands along with an alternate head so you can turn the doctor into the monster.  A few weeks back I reviewed the Toys R Us' exclusive Jekyll (click here to read it.)  I'm sure most collectors will be purchasing both so they can display the two next to each other.

With sixteen points of articulation you can get a number of poses out of the good Doctor.  The paint application is pretty solid, though I'd already mentioned the issue with the hair.  It was mostly black with a slight gray wash, the figure looks better with the lighter color.

These Diamond Selects have always had decent accessories, Jekyll/Hyde is no different.  The figure includes a ton of lab accessories; beaker, flasks, test tubes, a cylinder, and more.  A lot of the items are carried over from their past Grandpa Munster figure, though their are a few new items tossed in.  My favorite?  The serum-filled syringe.

Also included is a small table, a display base, and the parts to create Mr. Hyde.

Some would argue that there are more significant characters Diamond Select could have made before churning out The Hunchback and Dr. Jekyll.  While that opinion isn't necessarily wrong, I've got zero qualms with this wave, in fact I believe it to be their strongest yet.  Loaded with articulation, a spot on likeness, and a ton of lab equipment, Dr. Jekyll is easily the highlight of this wave, if not the entire line thus far.  

You can purchase the figure online or at your local comic/specialty stores!

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