Five great horror flicks I've watched this week!

This October has been one of the best in recent memory, I'm well into DVDtalk's October challenge and while I've watched well over five films this week, I figured I'd cherry pick some of the best I viewed and discuss them...

Re-Animator (1985): What can I possibly say about this film that hasn't already been said hundreds of times?  Re-Animator is a quintessential 80's horror flick.  It's very tongue and cheek (head giving head, anyone?) and contains some great performances from Jeffery Combs (Herbert West,) Barbara Crampton (Megan Halsey,) and David Gale (Dr. Hill.)  The film has had two sequels (with a third stuck in developmental hell,) but they all really pale in comparison to the 1985 film.

Phantasm (1979): Phantasm follows a young boy named Mike (Michael Baldwin) who's strange obsession with an extremely imposing mortician (Angus Scrimm) might just get him killed.  The Don Coscarelli film features imagery that will have you pulling your hair out. Murderous midget minions, crawling severed fingers, and ferocious flying-sphere to the head make Phantasm a true sight to see.

Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 (1990): I've got a soft spot for all of the 'Saw films (yes, even The Next Generation,) Leatherface is definitely a quality sequel in my book.  With Hooper's own 1986 sequel taking the series in a satirical direction, director Jeff Burr wanted the third film to go back to the original's horror roots.  Leatherface is more brutal and viscous than in his past incarnations, while Burr had big hopes for the production what we get is a flawed vision, largely in part to the MPAA's butchering of the film.  Flawed or not, it remains to be a wildly entertaining film with some seriously memorable dialogue.  "There's roadkill all over Texas."

The Mummy (1959): Hammer's answer to the the Universal film of the same name, in The Mummy John Banning (Peter Cushing) unintentionally resurrects Kharis (Christopher Lee) while excavating the tomb of one Princess Ananka (Yvonne Furneaux.)  This wouldn't be the first (or last) time Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing went head to head.  The duo have great chemistry and you can grantee you'll be in for a treat when those two names flash across your screen.  Essential viewing for fledgling Hammer fans!

The Evil Dead (2013):  While I also watched the original, I figured enough has been said about that film.  Hell, I had an entire week's worth of posts covering the greatness that is The Evil Dead.  I chose to talk about the remake because after my third viewing of the film I have to say it's really grown on me.  I know the remake is a faux pas in the horror community, and while there certainly are some god awful examples this is not one of them.  The film takes the ideas set forth in the original and runs with them, it also has some killer cinematography.  While the serious tone of the flick does clash with the almost cartoonish gore, it still manages to be a worthy way to spend 90 minutes on this Halloween season.

Honorable mention: 
Birth of the Living Dead (2013):  I've excluded this from the initial list as it's a documentary, but let me assure you that it's one hell of a documentary.  If you consider yourself a fan of George A. Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead do yourself a favor and catch a screening of this movie.  There's never been such an all-encompassing look at the 1968 film.  A must see.


  1. That is quite the assortment! Phantasm and Leatherface certainly bring the weirdness level up to 11!