Halloween Sightings: H-E-B plus and a few other spots around Austin

I can't believe this will be the last "Halloween Sightings" for 2013.  This year, especially this month, has been huge for my website and I want to thank everyone who took the time to not only visit this page, but also support it by commenting, entering contests, and liking our facebook page. 

Prior to visiting the Austin area I'd never heard of "H-E-B," we decided to venture into one on Sunday and were a bit overwhelmed.  We were expecting a small grocery store, what we got was a department store that rivaled Walmart.  It was big.

Their Halloween items were clearly picked over, but they still had some cool stuff left.

These for instance, you don't see a lot of DOTD stuff in Oklahoma, but it's all over Texas.

I was tempted to get some Sugar Skull plates.

I would have loved to see what this place looked like in September, I'm sure they had another two or three aisles dedicated to the Holiday. 

While we walking around 6th street we saw this Bar.

Sadly we couldn't go in as it was pretty early and they were still closed.  Judging from the decorations on the outside I'm sure it looked killer in there.

We also stopped by I Luv Video, there's two locations in Austin, this one (off of Airport RD) is the bigger of the two.  While the sign says they buy and sell DVD's, it's mostly a rental place.  There are thousands of movies to chose from.  The horror section alone could send most fans into cardiac arrest.   Towards the back of the store they have an adult section with a Nunsploitation shelf and a whole wall dedicated to Something Weird Video.  I attempted to buy a SWV Coffin Joe tape but they wouldn't budge.  Supreme disappointment.

These next two pictures are from a booth we found in a local Antique Mall.  The guy had some really cool items, though most of it was out of my price range.

The coolest item though?  This Vincent Price sketch and signature.  The glass case was filled wall to wall with memorabilia, I picked up a handful of Famous Monsters magazines for just under 10 bucks.  The signatures were left for a fan with deeper pockets.


  1. Looks like a great time. Love that bar!!! Happy Hallowe'en!