Halloween sightings: Kmart 10/03/2013

I saw some really great pictures of Kmart's setup thanks to Dinosaur Dracula's post.  I figured it was about time to make the trek to the much forgotten about store.  Currently there's only one left here in Oklahoma (Shawnee, OK to be exact.)  Luckily the small town isn't too horribly far from us.

To be completely honest I was a bit let down by the store. There was only one aisle dedicated to the holiday.  It wasn't very kept up with either, infact most of the store was that way.

With the Halloween section leaving a bit more to be desired I was hoping maybe they'd have some moderately priced horror flicks.

Their selection was decent, if you dig those cheap multi-film sets then you should definitely head to a K-Mart.  They had everything from Full Moon sets to some of the cheap Timeless Media Group Sci-Fi releases that Shout Factory recently put out.  Before we left "Cafe K" announced that they had dollar slices of pizza.  My girlfriend and roommate decided to partake.  Thankfully I only had a few bites as their lower halves still haven't forgiven them for that choice.

If you've got a Kmart near by I'd say it's worth checking out, but I don't ever see myself going out of my way for one again.