My visit to the Bagdad Cemetery (Texas Chain Saw Massacre filming location)

Sunday afternoon we packed our bags and checked out of our hotel.  The last day of a vacation is always a weird one for me.  There's that strong feeling of not wanting to leave that's met head on with the longing for the familiarity of home.  Thankfully the urge to stay was lessened knowing I had the Bagdad Cemetery to look forward to.  That's weird I guess, looking forward to a cemetery.  The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of my favorite films, with the cemetery just 20 minutes away from the Hotel, a trip to the small town of Leander was inevitable.  

Saying this cemetery is creepy is a pretty big understatement.  The grass is overgrown, tombstones are broken in half, crypts have burst open.  This is the kind of place you do not want to be when the sun goes down.

The weather was perfect though, overcast and windy with a bit of light rain.

This is the main monument you see in the first part of the film.  I believe Hooper used some sort of prop tombstone for the corpse.

There's the side of the monument.

Before we left we decided to snap a few pictures of the surrounding graves...Some have certainly fared better than others.

A number of the above ground crypts were falling a part, you could easily peak inside.

...And now for the all too important "picture of a TCM DVD on the monument."

It was a fun trip, but I am a bit disappointed we didn't have enough time to visit the house in Kingsland.  I guess there's always next year!