NYCC 2013: Re-Animator goes to Amok Time, Mezco to produce more Chucky items, and more!

A bunch of cool news coming out of the New York Comic Con today!

Amok Time has picked up the license for not only Re-Animator, but it's 1989 sequel Bride of Re-Animator.  Other than Herbert West it wasn't clear what other characters will be produced in plastic form.  Fans might remember this amazing prototype that Sota Toys produced a few years back, sadly the release was scrapped and the company went belly up successfully creating a Re-Animator blue-balls epidemic.  Thankfully in 2014 Amok Time plans on making things right!

Hallmark finally gave us a look at their recently announced Alien and Frankenstein ornaments.  It's just too bad we have to wait another year for these guys.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who plans on having these two out year round.  I love Christmas and my tree is in full on nerd-mode thanks to Hallmark.  I can't wait to see something Universal Monsters related displayed at a Kohl's store.

Diamond Select Toys had nothing new to announce, but they did have next year's Universal Monsters Select line on full display.  While these figures have been seen at SDCC and Toy Fair I wanted to show them again as I feel this will be the company's strongest line to date.  With the Creature DST is giving one of Universal's most beloved monsters the "redux" treatment.  You might recall the figure was previously part of their very first line up.  This time around Creech features better articulation along with more accurate sculpt and paint.

 Frankenstein's monster will show his cold dead face once again, this time decked out in his Son of Frankenstein gear.  That head sculpt looks perfect!

Lastly is their much debated original concept Van Helsing.  I for one dig it, but I completely understand why some fans do not want this in a Universal Monsters line.  Hopefully fans snatch it up as I'd love to see a line of original creations to coincide with their UM line...Hell while we're at it, how about a Hammer line!?  Please!?

This year Mezco released their Mega-Scale Chucky.  Next year the company plans on expanding on the license with "mega plushies" of bloth Chucky and Tiffany, and the above vinyl figure.  No word on if there will be plans for a normal action figure in the future.

If you missed out the first few releases of Ghostbusters action figures you can rest easy.  Next year Mattel will be releasing two packs of the famed ghost catchers.  Each figure features a newly sculpted chest, removeable proton pack, detachable proton stream, and base.

That's it for now, but the fun has just started!  I still haven't heard any news out of McFarlane Toys or Super7 so there very well could be a "...Part 2" come tomorrow.

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