The Museum of the Weird - Austin, TX

Have you ever felt out of place at your local natural history museum?  Ever wish there was a museum that better catered to a sick and twisted individual like yourself?  Good news, your home-away-from-home can be found in Austin just off of the famous 6th street!

On Saturday morning we made our way to the little building fearing it could be just another bloated tourist trap, thankfully our worries were quickly extinguished as we made our way into the museum.

The first part of the building is a gift shop, which is generally the best part of a museum visit.  While that wasn't the case here, I'm still unsure how I managed to not buy anything.  There was some pretty cool stuff, everything from Night of the Living Dead tees to Blacula patches.

Once you purchase your ticket you make your way towards the back, this is where the real fun begins.  A narrow hallway filled with memorabilia and statues leads into a small room fully dedicated to horror films and oddities.

As most of the items were behind glass I could not use flash, that combined with the low light caused a few of the photos to be out of focus.

But that's not all!  At the end of the room we were greeted by a nice man with deformed arms, he took us on a tour of the second floor and we eventually found ourselves in a small theatre inhabited by a handful of wax statues.

The Mummy, The Wolfman, and King Kong were just a few of the creatures on full display, but gawking at a few famous horror icons was not the purpose of this tour, no, the man was about to put on a show.

The man gave us a lot of information about the history of the sideshow before taking out a whip and doing a few tricks.  For the climax of the show he grabbed onto a live wire filling him full of electricity, he then used his body to illuminate a light bulb.  I'm told that every show is different depending on who your tour guide is, certainly more than enough of a reason to get our asses back to the museum the next time we're in town.

If your still on the fence about a future visit maybe this picture will change your mind.

Assuming Housecore Horror Festival cuts it's way into next years festivities I predict a flight and another visit is in my future!


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