The strangest Evil Dead item you'll probably never own

Earlier today I stumbled upon this site advertising an extremely limited Japanese Evil Dead box set.  There's no real seamless translation program out there, so I'm still unsure of some of the minor details.  To sum it up the set retails for about 200 USD, due to the limited nature of the set in order to purchase one you had to enter into a lottery. The person chosen would then receive an extremely cool looking box containing the blu-ray of the film along with...

Evil Dead bedding

 An Evil Dead fragrance

An Evil Dead mask

So yeah...What a strange set.  I mean, I (obviously) get the inclusion of the blu-ray and the mask...I guess I could see where the bedding could come into play.  But the fragrance?  You've lost me there, what scent is it exactly?  Smell of brimstone?  Candarian musk?  I just don't know.

It went on sale Tuesday so if you're just now reading this your chance of scoring one is likely slim to none.  Though if you're really itching to smell like a deadite I'd be more than happy to homebrew some cologne for a small fee.

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