DST - Universal Monsters - Frankenstein and the Creature bust banks

Let me just go ahead and get this out of the way, The Creature From the Black Lagoon bank is probably one of the best things that Diamond Select Toys has done as far as Universal Monsters go.  The detail of the sculpt is just tremendous.  Creauture, Creature, Creature, Creature, Creature!  There, I'm done.  Did I mention that Frankenstein's monster is also in this line? 

I feel a bit bad for Frankie, with all of the work that went into the other monster bank ol' Dr. Frankenstein's creation just seems to pale in comparison.  But truth be told the Frankenstein bank is a bit inferior, there are some angles where the sculpt is truly spot on to Karloff, but something just seems to be just a tad bit off.  I think it's an issue where a small joint in the neck could have really made things better.  The paint is great though, especially with the eyes.

The creature though...Man, he really is killer.  The Universal Monsters license has bounced around to a few different companies over the last decade, this something that will inevitably happen again.  When it's all said and done and we can look over everything Diamond was able to squeeze out of the Universal Monsters license, I think the Creature bank will be leading the pack in the "best of" category.  

There's a lot of different colors and washes used to bring out even the most minuscule detail of the sculpt.  While the paint is great, if I were to nitpick I'd say that the water base would look better if it were a murky green color, and a darker shade of yellow would have suited the eyes better.

These two banks were also released with a black and white paint scheme, an option I'm sure purists enjoy having.

While I prefer the color version, the eyes of the creature were improved upon with the grayscale.  Sadly, I do not have the the repainted Frankenstein bank in front of me, but I suspect the change in color palette probably did a bitter job of bringing out the Karloff likeness.

With a near-perfect Creature and a Frankenstein that's almost there, this first series of bust banks is a must own for fans of the classic Universal horror films.  With a MSRP that's more than reasonable this line is another constant reminder of why I'm in total support of DST's handling of the UM license.  

These banks can be found at your nearest comic/specialty store or can be ordered directly from Diamond Select Toys.