I am Zozo

Production Year: 2012
Release Date: 11-19-2013
Studio: Image Entertainment

I am Zozo centers around 5 friends who decide to spend their Halloween in a secluded cabin because, well, what could go wrong?!  Right off the bat there's no power, rather than call things off they stick it out.  Their next logical step?  A Ouija Board of coarse.  Joking aside, typical horror cliches aren't what's wrong with this film, it's the lack of anything horrifying really taking place that's detrimental to this movie.

Once the group begins their impromptu séance strange things begin to happen, they encounter a few different spirits, the most malevolent being the aptly named "Zozo."  While the demon spirit taunts the group Tess (Kelly McLaren) seems to get the worst of it, it's as if Zozo has been keeping tabs on her for quite a long time.

Much like the fish the group capture and flay, we the audience are waiting for the hook.  Something to grab and reel us in.  This never really happens here.  There are certainly some ambitious ideas present but essentially this film goes no where.  While I love all things Ouija Board and paranormal, my advice would be to pass on this one and check out the much superior Witch Board.

Behind the scenes featurette (06:48) - When I am ZoZo started we're graced with a title warning us that this film is based on true events.  At this point I'm sure a lot of eyes would be rolling, but I was surprised to learn that the demonic spirit with the clown name does have some paranormal significance behind it, something this short featurette expands on.  I was also surprised to learn the entire feature was shot on Super 8, initially I'd assumed the film had that look thanks to some post production work.  While it was short, it was an interesting watch.

Interview with actor Darren Evans (10:33) - If the paranormal is something that interests you, you'll likely get some form of enjoyment out of this supplement.  Skeptics stay far, far away.

I really wanted to like I am Zo Zo, the idea for the story is certainly there and the acting is decent.  It just never really pans out.  It's feels like something that would have been better suited for a short film as opposed to a feature length film.  


  1. defnitely sounds like one I need to skip!