Maniac Cop 2

Production Year: 1990
Release Date: 11-19-2013
Studio: Blue Underground
Collection Number: 1424

In 1988 two sultans of cinema sleaze teamed up to create Maniac Cop.  In the film one Detective McCrea (Tom Atkins) must solve a string of murders being committed by a mysterious undead cop.  The flick was met with much success and in 1990 a sequel was released.

The film once again reunited Bill Lustig (director) and Larry Cohen (writer,) along with actors Bruce Campbell, Robert Z'Dar, and Laurene Landon while introducing two new leads, Robert Davi (Det. Sean McKinney) and Claudia Christian (Susan Riley.)

The maniac cop's quest for vengeance continues!  Things begins right where the original 1988 film left off, with maniac Matt Cordell presumed dead, Jack (Campbell) and Teresa (Landon) move on with their lives.  Facing scrutiny for their story about an undead police officer they're forced to attend sessions with a police psychologist.  No one believes their story, but when the mysterious murders start happening Detective McKinney steps to solve the case.

If having one crazed vengeful cop wasn't enough to satisfy your need for slaughter, Cordell eventually teams up with a serial killer (Turkell; Leo Rossi) who has a serious taste for young strippers.  Between the murderous due, Davi's streetwise detective, and a man-on-fire stunt that's well over five minutes, Maniac Cop 2 manages to outdo it's predecessor at every turn.  It's not often you can say "a sequel is better than the original," but with the mix of serious splatter and non-stop action this one easily surpasses the first film.

"There's a piece of Cordell in every cop. Every time arresting some mutt isn't enough, because we know they'll be back on the streets before we even do the paperwork. Every time we pull a trigger and it feels good, because no lawyers can reverse that. It all comes down to justice and pressure. There's only that much difference between a cop and a maniac cop."

Things are looking pretty spectacular in this department.  Blue Underground has given Maniac Cop 2 the best treatment it's ever received.  The film was initially dumped into the DTV market and has since been given a handful of shoddy releases.  Lustig has corrected this giving the film a remastered high definition transfer in the film's intended 1.85:1 ratio.  While a lot of the film takes place at night, everything is pretty spot on with deep blacks and accurate skin tones.

Fear not audio buffs, things are also great in the sound department.  The disc delivers a few audio options, all of which really compliment the new transfer.  The 7.1 DTS HD and 5.1 track both get the job done.  For purists you also have the option of a 2.0 track along with an isolated music track.

While I do not have a D-Box, it's worth noting that this blu-ray is enhanced for the motion control system.

Click here for screen captures comparing the new Blue Underground release to the old First Look Studios DVD.  You will see a difference in not just the image quality, but also the color timing.

There are a number of special features to choose from.

Back on the Beat - The Making of Maniac Cop 2 (HD 46:52) - For being under an hour, this making of featurette manages to cover a lot of ground.  Lustig goes into great detail about the making of the film, he even manages to riff a bit on actress Claudia Christian, and how she wasn't exactly a joy to work with.  Davi, Christian, Rossi, Cohen, and a few others pop up throughout featurette.

Cinefamily Q&A with William Lustig (HD 28:36) - This Q&A took place directly after a Maniac Cop 2 screening. Lustig answers a number of questions ranging from his thoughts on current films to the possibility of a Maniac Cop remake.

Commentary with William Lustig and Nicolas Winding Refn - Bill Lustig and Nicolas Refn harp on the creation of the film along with a long range of issues, Lustig goes into his regret of hiring Claudia Christian a bit more at one point.

Theatrical Trailers (5:39) - An International trailer, UK teaser, French trailer, and German trailer are all available for your viewing pleasure.

Deleted Scene - The Evening News with Sam Raimi (SD 1:30) - This takes place during the first conversation between Cordell and Turkell.  The title does a good job of summing it up, Sam Raimi hosts a portion of the news with various interviews with people bad mouthing the police department.

Easter Egg - Movie Time on Maniac Cop 2 (HD 2:40) - A short clip from the old television program Movie Time.  Interviews with Robert Davi, Robert Z'Dar, Leo Rossi, Michael Lerner and William Lustig.  A pretty cool bonus!

This is a very solid release from the renowned cult label!  If you haven't seen any of the Maniac Cop films you're certainly missing out.  The sequel is truly superior and Blue Underground did a great job giving the film the treatment it so rightfully deserves.  This edition should be on every fan's wishlist!