Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence

Production Year: 1993
Release Date: 11/19/2013
Studio: Blue Underground
Collection Number: 1425

After the praise of the first two films a third was simply inevitable.  Maniac Cop 3 begins right where the last one ended, Matt Cordell's casket goes into the ground, but if horror films have taught us one thing it's that something as meager as "death" isn't enough to stop a good antagonist.  While the last few films painted Cordell as an evil, yet somewhat sympathetic character, the third has the officer planted firmly in "bad guy" territory.

Officer Katie Sullivan (Gretchen Baker) is the recent victim of a shootout which has left the cop in serious condition.  While in a coma a smear campaign begins, painting her as an officer who constantly uses excessive force.  Detective McKinney (Robert Davi) is back on the case, hoping to clear the young cop's name.  This is where Z'Dar's massive undead cop comes in, this time around black magic is used to resurrect Cordell, the officer is also looking to clear Sullivan's name though his methods are a little more brutal than McKinney's.

While this film isn't nearly as effective as the previous two entries, it's surprisingly competent considering the amount of drama that went on during it's production.  The script went through massive rewrites, the original rough cut clocked in at only fifty minutes, and to top it off Bill Lustig (director) walked off set and the producer Joel Soisson had to step into some pretty big shoes to finish the project.

The sequel isn't nearly as strong as those that came before it, but Davi's role helps move the film along.  He's a great character actor and a very fitting opponent for Matt Cordell.  While it lacks the spirit of Maniac Cop 2 the third film still manages to be an entertaining sequel.

Blue Underground really pulled out all of the stops when it came to their release of  Maniac Cop 2, while Maniac Cop 3 is given a similar treatment, it's not as extensive.  

The picture quality didn't fare as well, for example.  I think a lot of this has to do with the production of the film.  It's still great though, the print seems a bit darker but things (for the most part) are where they need to be as far as the color levels are concerned.  It's safe to say this release is worlds better than any that have came before it.

This time around we're only given two audio options, a 5.1 DTS-HD, and a Dolby 2.0.  The 5.1 sounded great with clear dialogue, sound effects, and a level score.

This one has also been enchanced for D-Box Motion Control systems.

The Wrong Arm of the Law - The Making of Maniac Cop 3 (HD 25:00) - Right off the bat it's clear that William Lustig isn't too happy with Maniac Cop 3, in fact I believe he refers to the sequel as being "a pot full of piss."  Lustig gets into some of the production issues with the film, Joel Soisson (producer) is also interviewed along with Larry Cohen, Robert Davi, Robert Z'Dar, and a few more.

Deleted and Extended Scenes - (HD 10:12)
  -Hospital Hallway (0:24)
  -A Statement (1:11)
  -Chinese Restaurant (1:55)
  -Wedding Nightmare (1:48)
  -Defibrillator (1:32)
  -Perverted Justice (1:39)
  -Motives For Murder (1:43)

Most of these are just extended scenes adding a bit of characterization here and there.  Nothing too breath taking but a nice addition none the less.

Theatrical Trailer (SD 1:43) - This time around only the US trailer is included.

Poster and Still Gallery

Original Synopsis - This is essentially Larry Cohen's original story that he had planned for the third film.  While some of of the ideas expressed in the synopsis made it to the final film, a lot of it was cut.  There's a subplot involving Cordell impregnating Teresa Mallory.  There's also a new detective named "Moonjean" who's assigned to Cordell's case.  It's certainly different, it's always interesting to read something like this and wonder "what might have been."

It's not nearly the sequel that Maniac Cop 2 is, but it's still a fun ride.  Blue Underground did a wonderful job with this disc and the featurette The Wrong Arm of the Law is a must watch as the behind the scenes drama is almost as entertaining as the actual film.