Monster 500 - Zoom Zombie

Toys R Us has thrown their hat into the monster game this holiday season with their exclusive line of souped-up hot rods controlled by a clique of zombies, mutants, and creatures.

The Monster 500 series consists of smaller die-cast cars, electronic cars, and two big playsets.  Today I'll be taking a look at the deluxe Zoom Zombie.

The Monster 500 series is clearly inspired by Ed Roth's artwork, each hot-rod is driven by an exaggerated creature with a big grimace and bulging eyeballs.  These deluxe vehicles have the same basic sculpt as their smaller die-cast counterparts, only the cars have been fitted with lights and sound. 

I chose to purchase the Zoom Zombie this time around, while it's not the most dynamic of the characters, I favored the overall design, I'm also a total sucker when it comes to hearses.  The character's name is pretty self explanatory, he's a zombie and he likes to go fast.  So fast in fact the poor guy's green flesh is being torn from his skull.  While the sculpt and design of the undead driver and vehicle are top notch, the toy loses a few points when the paint application comes into play.  There are a lot of details in the sculpt and in the vehicle that could have benefited from better paint detail, with that said this isn't NECA- this is a children's toy and in that department I feel like this is a pretty solid product.

While there's no articulation to speak of, there is an action feature of sorts.  Whenever you press the skeleton hand down the back of the hearse lights up and the zombie lets out a loud cackle.

Monster 500 is a series I could see myself collecting as a kid.  They're fun vehicles with creepy characters that emit spooky noises.  What's not to like?  These deluxe cars are currently on sale at Toys R Us for $9.99 which I feel is a pretty fair price.  I really hope this line is met with success, I'd love to see what a second series could bring to the table.