The Ghostbusters are coming back to Big Lots *update*

Back in August I reported finding a number of Ghostbusters toys in various Big Lots department stores.  Mattel shipped out a number of products to the local chain ranging from 12 inch GB figures to He-man items.  It was priced to move and by mid September most of the stuff was cleared out.

I'm happy to report that Big Lots is getting more stuff in, as of early November a number of stores started receiving more items from Mattel.  Included in the shipment?  The elusive second 12 inch two pack featuring Winston Zeddemore and Peter Venkman.  I've personally only found the second two pack, but people seem to be finding a ton of new items.

If you're interested in tracking down the Winston/Peter set, the easiest way to go about it is calling (800) 877-1253 and asking a customer service agent to search for this SKU 810141194 in your area.

If you're a member of Big Lots' Buzz Rewards program be sure to check your email as the company recently sent out a number of coupons, one of which saves you $10 if you spend $30 meaning you can get the two pack for right around $20 bucks!