These terrifying ornaments should make the transition to Christmas less painful!

It's been more than ten days since October's end and I'm still suffering from Halloween withdrawals.  Thankfully, I've got a good bunch of people backing me, one of which sent me over to this etsy.

John Tatarelli Jr mostly specializes in large scale busts and statues, but this Holiday season he's been working on a few smaller scale items as a way to get more affordable products out to fans.  A few weeks back I previewed Hallmark's upcoming Frankenstein and Xenomorph ornaments, while those won't be out until next year, you can get your Christmas tree horror fix through Tatarelli's ornaments immediately.

He'll be adding a CHUD ornament to the assortment shortly.

 I'm still kind of stunned to see an ornament based on Fulci's Zombie...Never in a million years, right?  To top it off these look freakin' fantastic.  John also told me his girlfriend has some pretty cool Zombie soap bars over at her store, so be sure to check those out while you're at it!

While on the subject of ornaments, there's been some pretty cool stuff released over the years...

Oh, and for good measure...

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With Hallmark nabbing the Universal license I think it's safe to assume we can get used to seeing a new monster every year.  While Lugosi's likeness rights seem a bit hard to get, I bet they'll squeeze out a Wolfman, Creature, and Mummy before it's all said and done.