Best of 2013 - Film

Best Film
The Conjuring
The Conjuring was easily my favorite horror film of the year.  Strange as it's also one I didn't end up reviewing on this website.  The film features both great direction and a great script.  The cast is pretty good too which feels weird saying as I normally really dislike actress Lili Taylor.  With the first viewing I had issues (pertaining to) the crowd in the theater.  It wasn't until the second viewing that really cemented it for me.  This will be considering a "horror classic" a decade or so from now.

Best of 2013 - Collectibles

Best Company
Diamond Select Toys
This was definitely Diamond Select Toys' best year.  The company had their hand in everything from Toys, to banks, to bottle openers.  While the Universal Monster Select action figures weren't the most iconic this year, there was a definite improvement with great improved articulation, sculpt and paint, and accessories.  The new line of banks looked spectacular and they completely impressed me with their retro line.  Let's not forget the Munsters staircase either!  Great job Diamond Select Toys!

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has an awesome Holiday!  So far I've been pretty lucky, here's a few pictures of the haul (so far) along with a few more I took for fun.

Best of 2013 - Best head explosion of the year!

I'm breaking the rules today as this head shot actually belongs to a film that's smack-dab inside the sci-fi genre.  With that said, this was one of the best gratuitous gore scenes I've seen all year!

Elysium was released August 9th to mixed reviews, I personally loved it, especially this particular part.  I won't name any characters, but this one certainly has a slight spoiler.

Sideshow's Herman Munster Maquette (pre-order)

With the popularity of my last few The Munsters reviews I figured I'd share this bit of news.  Starting next year Sideshow Collectibles will begin releasings 15 inch maquettes of everyone's favorite monster family.  Herman's up first, the rest of the family will soon follow.

Funko Mystery Minis - Horror Classics

Earlier this year Funko released a series of stylized blind box figurines based on the insanely popular The Walking Dead.  Stores around my area had trouble keeping them in stock, though I eventually found a few at a local Hot Topic.  I really dug the look of those little pieces of plastic and was pretty ecstatic when the company revealed plans to give some of the more infamous horror icons a similar treatment.  While the Horror Classics line would be pushed back a good two months, I can happily announce they've finally made their way into stores.

We Wish You A Turtle Christmas

Sure, Billy's charming telephone calls in Black Christmas were certainly unsettling, but as frightening as Bob Clark's Christmas classic is, it doesn't hold a candle to the terrifying POS known as We Wish You A Turtle Christmas.

Horrifying...Simply horrifying.

Massacre Video - Black Devil Doll From Hell Hardboxes

Production Year: 1984
Studio: Massacre Video
Collection Numbers: 1461 & 1462

Massacre Video is (to my knowledge) the only US company that's releasing Hardboxes.  Whether or not you'll appreciate the films really just boils down to personal taste, however one thing that cannot be argued is the quality and hard work put into each release.

Toyland Toys (Child's Play)

It was a cold night 25 years ago when criminal Charles Lee Ray transferred his soul into the body of a Good Guy doll to evade a certain death, thus kicking starting a horror film franchise and saving the spirit of Christmas...Alright, that last part was bullshit.  


Production Year: 1982
Release Date: 12/16/2013
Studio: Arrow Video

From 1970 to 1990 Dario Argento was at the top of his game unleashing classics such as Suspiria, Deep Red, Inferno, and Tenebrae.  A maestro of Italian horror, no one was creating films quite like Argento's; he was in a complete league of his own.

Re-Animator - Capelight 3 disc digibook

Production Year: 1985
Release Date: 09/27/2013
Studio: Capelight
Collection Number: 1452

1985 was such a seminal year for Horror flicks, in fact I think if I were to breakdown and list 20 of my all time favorite films a pretty big chuck would be from that particular year.  Which brings us to Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator, not just one of the finest HP Lovecraft adaptions, but one of the greatest and strangest horror films to come out of the 80's.  While the film has maintained it's strong following throughout the years in my opinion it's still a movie that's very under-appreciated.

DST - The Munsters - Series 2

With the success of the first wave of The Munsters action figures, Diamond Select Toys would continue with a second series which was released this past October  This time around the line was primarily dedicated to the episode Hot Rod Herman, with a figure of Uncle Gilbert being the lone exception.  When I finally got around to opening these guys I was decently impressed with the results, but it wasn't until I got around to building the family's staircase that I was thoroughly convinced that this might be one of the coolest sets of the year.

DST - The Munsters - Series 1

While I've covered a lot of Diamond Select Toys' Universal Monsters products, I've yet to cover any of their awesome action figures based off of The Munsters TV series.  With loads of accessories, great sculpts, and the option to build an electric chair, I figured it was high time I got with the program.  

Toad Road

Production Year: 2012
Release Date: 12/17/2013
Studio: Artsploitation Films

After years of alcoholism and drug abuse James (James Davidson) decides it's time for a change, but before he gets a chance to kick his bad habits he meets Sara (Sara Anne Jones), a young girl who's just starting her journey down roads he no longer wishes to travel.  Taken with her, he begins to introduce Sara to different hallucinatory substances.  Sara is essentially looking for nirvana through hallucinatory trips.

The Whip and the Body

Production Year: 1963
Release Date: 12-17-2013
Studio: Kino
Collection Number: #1436

Kurt Menliff (Christopher Lee) returns to his family's castle after a long absence only to find himself estranged.  That's not to say it's undeserving, Menliff is a ruthless, uncaring, bastard.  While his family feels great contempt for the man, they still take him in.  It's pretty obvious Kurt has returned for a very specific, maniacal reason, but thankfully for his family Lee's character is soon found murdered.