Best of 2013 - Collectibles

Best Company
Diamond Select Toys
This was definitely Diamond Select Toys' best year.  The company had their hand in everything from Toys, to banks, to bottle openers.  While the Universal Monster Select action figures weren't the most iconic this year, there was a definite improvement with great improved articulation, sculpt and paint, and accessories.  The new line of banks looked spectacular and they completely impressed me with their retro line.  Let's not forget the Munsters staircase either!  Great job Diamond Select Toys!

Best Line
McFarlane Toys - The Walking Dead
I'm sure this opinion will be met with some disagreement, but McFarlane Toys has shown such a vast improvement in The Walking Dead department this year.  The toys literally went from unrecognizable, poorly painted hunks of plastic to fully articulated, greatly sculpted collectibles.  I had no intention of purchasing any of these figures, but when I saw Michonne and her two pets in person I was floored and could not resist.  I can remember a time when the idea of a zombie toy was so far fetched I had to rely on my 11 year old imagination and create my own.  Things have really changed and this line has came such a long way.  It's hard to believe I'm buying McFarlane Toys products again, it feels so....Nostalgic.

Best Figure
Diamond Select Toys - "Retro" Phantom of the Opera
This was an easy choice.  The best figure I received this year was Diamond Select Toys new retro Phantom.  I was too young to experience MEGO first hand, but I've always been aware of the line and I have been more than happy with the small resurgence this specific style of toy has been receiving.  In my opinion this is the best Chaney Sr. inspired Phantom action figure that's been released!  Sadly, this third series of Retro Monsters is the last.  I guess it's always good to go out on top.

Best Accessory
Diamond Select Toys - The Munsters' Staircase
Wow.  That's all I can say.  I saw the pictures from this years Toy Fair and SDCC, but nothing really prepared me for what I found when I began to free the new series of The Munsters action figures from their plastic prisons.  The staircase is so big and has so much detail and work packed into it it's hard to believe that it's actually a bonus pack in and not something that was released separately.  The fact that it also includes hidden door and Spot just adds to the greatness!

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