Best of 2013 - Film

Best Film
The Conjuring
The Conjuring was easily my favorite horror film of the year.  Strange as it's also one I didn't end up reviewing on this website.  The film features both great direction and a great script.  The cast is pretty good too which feels weird saying as I normally really dislike actress Lili Taylor.  With the first viewing I had issues (pertaining to) the crowd in the theater.  It wasn't until the second viewing that really cemented it for me.  This will be considering a "horror classic" a decade or so from now.

Best "Home Video" Release
Arrow Video - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 LE
To say Arrow Video has seen a tremendous improvement in the audio/video department would be putting it lightly.  Their quality output has increased tenfold.  Couple that with their always superior packaging and you've certainly got a force to be reckoned with.   This release has a lot going for it, a great transfer, two of Tobe Hoopers unreleased films, a ton of extras.  Did I mention the huge booklet and killer packaging?  I could go on and on.  If you haven't purchased a copy yet you are missing out.

Best Case/Packaging
McFarlane Toys & Anchor Bay - The Walking Dead Season 3 - LE fish tank set
Alright, it's time to get superficial.  Love it or hate it, The Walking Dead is one of the biggest TV shows ever constantly breaking ratings records.  While I do dig the series, the show itself wouldn't get any "best of" awards from me.  However if we were to discuss the latest limited blu-ray release that would be a completely different story.  McFarlane Toys and Anchor Bay have knocked it out of the park again, this fish tank set is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  As if floating heads in tanks of moldy water and floating viscera wasn't enough, the set actually lights up.  No joke.

Best Company
Scream Factory
This category was a little more difficult.  I already commended Arrow Video on their vast improvement regarding transfers, that mixed with a huge catalog of releases this year means they were easily in the running.  Synapse had a number of great releases too with their Demons steelbooks at the top of many fans' wishlists.  But I decided to give it to the company that got the most of my money this year, Scream Factory.  With a wide range of releases from horror classics to made for TV movies they have really cemented their place in horror-home video-history.  Next year looks to be even bigger with a number of yearned for titles finally getting the proper special edition treatment they deserve.  Great job Scream Factory! 

They're back!
Grindhouse Releasing
Grindhouse releasing had the biggest comeback this year, something that surprised a lot of us considering the loss of Sage Stallone.  The company finally put American Hippie in Isreal on blu-ray while also announcing the acquisition (and release dates) of two more titles, Corruption and The Big Gundown.  For a company that normally had years between single release 2013 was a pretty big step in an awesome direction.  Here's hoping 2013 sees the release of Massacre Mafia Style and Gone with the Pope.


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