DST - The Munsters - Series 1

While I've covered a lot of Diamond Select Toys' Universal Monsters products, I've yet to cover any of their awesome action figures based off of The Munsters TV series.  With loads of accessories, great sculpts, and the option to build an electric chair, I figured it was high time I got with the program.  

The first Munster series receives the typical Select packaging from Diamond Select Toys.  Much like their Universal Monsters series, there's also an exclusive TRU line with basic packaging.

Each figure is highly detailed and fully articulated.  My favorite of the pack is easily Grandpa, DST really hit it out of the park with that figure.

The likeness is spot on and even the most minuscule of details is accounted for.  That's not to say they did a bad job on the other figures, Herman and Lily are both great looking action figures, but Grandpa Munster is definitely the standout of this series.  As far as articulation goes each figure has 16 points, though Lily's is a bit hindered by her dress.

Seeing the characters in color is a bit strange at first, but the paint application is great.  There are a few washes on each figure but there's no overkill.  If you do long for a more accurate black and white representation you can always go after the TRU exclusives. 

When it comes to accessories Diamond Select Toys always seems to outdo the competitors.  While these Select figures are a tad more expensive than your normal Neca and Mezco collectibles, you're normally getting way more accessories.  Especially with Grandpa, not only does he include the build-an-accessory pieces (we'll get to that in a bit), but he also includes a full chem set along with an interchangeable hand.  Lily includes a big cuckoo clock while Herman has a tool box.

If you purchase all of the figures you can build a big electric chair.  I love stuff like this, it's something I wish all companies would do.  It gives people an incentive to go after the whole line so it's really a win-win. 

This line does not disappoint from the sculpting to the accessories, it's obvious the guys over at DST not only love what they do, but the properties they go after.  With The Munsters and the Universal Monsters series winding down I really hope Diamond goes after more horror/monster oriented properties.  There work within the genre is truly superb.    

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