DST - The Munsters - Series 2

With the success of the first wave of The Munsters action figures, Diamond Select Toys would continue with a second series which was released this past October  This time around the line was primarily dedicated to the episode Hot Rod Herman, with a figure of Uncle Gilbert being the lone exception.  When I finally got around to opening these guys I was decently impressed with the results, but it wasn't until I got around to building the family's staircase that I was thoroughly convinced that this might be one of the coolest sets of the year.

Some might be disappointed with the heads sculpts as it does appear Diamond carried over Herman's and Lily's while Grandpa's seems to be retooled a bit.  Aside from that there's certainly enough of a difference with Herman and Grandpa to totally justify the two, however Lily is almost the exact same figure with the exception of a few minor details.

Along with a few of the head sculpts the basic articulation of the first line also carries over.  Grandpa, Lily, and Uncle Gilbert do lose out on a few points due to their clothing so once again Herman wins the articulation battle as he is totally unencumbered by any clothing.

One difference I did notice among the two waves is the paint application.  With the second series the paint seems to be just a tad better, it's the most obvious on Herman's face as the wash of dark colors on his brow seems to be better blended.  It's just a small difference, but it does add an improvement to the overall appearance.

The addition of Uncle Gilbert is a very nice touch and the figure is loaded with detail.  The face, hands, and feet are covered in scales, fins, and bumps and while his outfit (though accurate to the show) is simplistic, the the head really takes it to a great absurd level.  While I was never surprised by the notion of The Munsters action figures, I was very surprised by the inclusion of such a minor character.  I'm really happy Diamond Select Toys made that decision.

The first wave of The Munster series gave fans the option of building an electric chair once they completed the set.  This time around DST must have really wanted to outdo themselves.  Once you've purchased all four figures you can actually build the famous Staircase featured in the house on 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

...But that's not all!  Not only can you display your collection on the piece, you can also pop open a section of the stairs to reveal the family's pet Spot.  If that wasn't enough, Spot includes two clear flame pieces that can attach to the creatures nostrils.

Each figure also includes a base along with a few minor accessories (Lily an umbrella, Grandpa goggles, Herman a hat/goggles, and Uncle Gilbert a hat).

While some might be unimpressed with the inclusion of a Lily that's nearly identical to the series 1 incarnation, the addition of such a substantial B.A.A. really takes this line to a whole new level.  Diamond was able to include massive pieces of the staircase with each figure without upping the price.  It's a really nice gesture on their part.  If this is the last we see of The Munsters from the company I believe it's safe to say Diamond Select Toys has ended things on a very good note.

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