Funko Mystery Minis - Horror Classics

Earlier this year Funko released a series of stylized blind box figurines based on the insanely popular The Walking Dead.  Stores around my area had trouble keeping them in stock, though I eventually found a few at a local Hot Topic.  I really dug the look of those little pieces of plastic and was pretty ecstatic when the company revealed plans to give some of the more infamous horror icons a similar treatment.  While the Horror Classics line would be pushed back a good two months, I can happily announce they've finally made their way into stores.

The boxes are sealed.  I can't stress the importance of this.  I didn't realize they were supposed to be factory sealed when I picked up The Walking Dead minis at Hot Topic.  It turns out my local Hot Topic (Norman, Oklahoma) has an extremely bad habit of opening all of their mystery box figures and taping/gluing them shut.  No joke.  The variant figures fare pretty well on the secondary market so it's safe to assume a very honest employee has been making a bit of cash at the customer's expense, I happened back into the store hoping that my two boxes being taped shut was a fluke only to discover every single box had suffered the same fate.  

Anyhow, with the Horror Classics line Funko has taken another step in an attempt to stop dishonest employees.  Not only is each box factory sealed, but the figurines' identities are now hidden thanks to the use of a sealed black plastic bag inside the box.  

For such small figures they are highly detailed.  I don't typically like the look of a lot of these newer stylized vinyl figures, but I loved what the company did with TWD and the horror minis are no different.

I just really like the look of these, I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's the big blank eyes or the awkward posture each seems to possess.  There's just something about zombies and unstoppable serial killers that works with Funko's style.  Given the size of these guys the paint work is extremely well done, as you can see from the close up pictures there's very little slop or bleeding among the colors.

With blind boxes the characters you get are purely luck of the draw, unfortunately I did not get the figures I really wanted (Sam and Leatherface).  It's sort of like being a kid and feeding quarters into a machine, the toys advertised are nice, but the odds are generally against you.  Never the less, the anticipation leading up to opening these is a nice nostalgic feeling that will take you back to the days of trading cards and quarter machines.

Coming in at about $8 each maybe that coin machine comparison is a bit far fetched.  Those who collect blind box figures will likely just shrug at that price point, for those who've never purchased one of these before you might find the price a bit steep.  While diving into these was certainly fun, some will likely peruse ebay for their favorite mini modern monster at a more tolerable price.  Even at that price point I really like these figures and I plan on purchasing a few more.

I also noticed Funko blew up a few of the more popular TWD minis, here's hoping they do the same with he Horror Classics line!


  1. I actually sell these guys, horror classics, and other mystery minis. However, nice right up on the mystery minis.

    1. Where do you sell them, there's one or two I'm needing!