Massacre Video - Black Devil Doll From Hell Hardboxes

Production Year: 1984
Studio: Massacre Video
Collection Numbers: 1461 & 1462

Massacre Video is (to my knowledge) the only US company that's releasing Hardboxes.  Whether or not you'll appreciate the films really just boils down to personal taste, however one thing that cannot be argued is the quality and hard work put into each release.

Technically I've got these two backwards.  The first hardbox in the picture is cover B (limited to 34).  Cover B is the "VHS version" which is essentially a recreation of the VHS case (via hardbox) with some minor modifications.

The second hardbox is cover A. While it's limited to 66 there are still a few available to purchase over at Massacre Video.  I'm really partial to cover B, there's just something I dig about original 80's artwork...It was always so strange and over the top.

 Each edition includes a poster and a die-cut sticker.  The hardboxes were created in and imported from Germany, when they made their way stateside each was assembled and individually numbered.  A lot of work goes into each of these limited releases, something I really appreciate.  If you're not big into hardboxes and still want to checkout the flick there is a standard release available.  Be sure to give Massacre Video your support!