NECA - Freddy and Jason Retro figures!

The figures come in a very collector friendly blister package with a full view of the figure.  For those who open, the artwork behind the toy is printed on a thick card stock and is actually worth hanging on to. 

With the growing popularity of these MEGO-styled figures it was just a matter of time before NECA hopped on the bandwagon.  While I'm not old enough to remember MEGO's initial outpouring of fully clothed superhero figures, I have to say I've been a big fan of this new trend.  Diamond Select Toys' last series of "retro monsters" was excellent, thankfully I can also say the same about this line featuring a retro Freddy and Jason.  The heads are actually carryovers (albeit a bit bigger) from past lines.  I personally don't mind as the sculpts were great then and they look even better in this larger scale!  The bodies used are just your run of the mill MEGO inspired bodies, each sporting 14 points of articulation.    

The clothing is about what you'd expect for this scale with the Jason faring a bit better, at times Freddy's sweater can look a bit awkward depending on the pose you're trying to get out of him.  Each article of clothing has the occasional stain and blood splatter with Freddy's pants being the clear winner in terms of "questionable stains."  Overall I really like these figures, while I feel they could have benefited from new more exaggerated face sculpts, there's no denying how great they look.  There seems to have been a clear jump in visible detail with the larger size heads and I can only imagine how great these would look blown up to 1/4th scale.  What are you waiting for NECA!?!

Not a whole lot to go over in this department.  Freddy includes a removable hat, while the Jason includes his hockey mask, spear gun, axe and a machete.  At a $25 dollar price point it would have been nice to get a few more items with each figure.

The retro/MEGO trend seems to get a little stronger each year.  Considering there's not a whole lot of new parts that need tooling per figure (especially in NECA's case) it makes sense, I understand why a lot of companies are more than happy to release figures in this style.  I love the Freddy and Jason, I think they turned out great and I really hope NECA continues with a new series next year.  With the vast amount of properties they own one can only imagine what we could see next.